T1 reveal Worlds 2023 skins champion choices

Will Faker use his own champion skin?

The fourth title at the Worlds was taken by T1 on November 19, where they defeated Weibo Gaming from the LPL. They secured the Summoner’s Cup, which was created by Tiffany and Co.

The Worlds marked the fourth title for the mid laner of the team, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. It was a debut victory for the other players. Following their win, the team will get to choose the champions for their World skins, working with Riot to make them unique.

For the past decade and three years, the custom of giving a Worlds skin line has been practiced by Riot Games in League of Legends. This practice celebrates the team that wins the World Championship by granting them an everlasting in-game tribute.

After the finals, T1 revealed in a press conference which champions they would like to represent them on their 2023 Worlds skins.

These are the champions the T1 members would want their Worlds 2023 skins to be modeled after

Zeus is contemplating between Jayce and Yone (top lane)

The champion 2023 Worlds skin choice of Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, who was the MVP of the finals at Worlds 2023, is between Jayce and Yone.

During 2023 Worlds, Zeus played as Yone twice. The first time it was during the semifinals against JD Gaming, and the second time was during the finals against Weibo Gaming.

Oner chooses Lee Sin (jungle)

Credit Attribution: Riot Games

A champion skin for Lee Sin, who is one of his well-known champions, is what Hyeon-jun “Oner” Mun wants for Worlds 2023.

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