How long are the queue times in Overwatch 2?

Players have been waiting a long time and suffered a drought of content before the sequel to Overwatch 2 launched earlier today. Now, they’re waiting even longer in the queue to get into the game.

Queue times are varying widely depending on who you speak to. Some players are getting into the game in a matter of minutes, while others are waiting through numerous errors to even see the main menu.

Either way, when players get in, it isn’t guaranteed that they’ll stay in. Many players are experiencing connection issues even when they get into the game. There have been multiple reports of players only able to play a few minutes into the match before they get thrown out of it, while some are able to complete whole games and stay in for long periods of time.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

How long is the Overwatch 2 queue?

The Overwatch 2 queue is at least 10 minutes long for those looking to get into the game on Oct. 4. Some users are experiencing well over that limit due to server connection issues, with many unable to even get into the game over an hour after it officially launched.

The only way to get through the long queue times is to either sit through it and endure the queues or wait until the servers are more stable and fewer players are online to clog up the line. As time goes on and more issues are addressed, queue times should lower and players will have an easier time accessing the game and all its features.

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