The Beltline: Boxer interviews will often be chopped and skewed in the baiting game

The Beltline: Boxer interviews will often be chopped and skewed in the baiting game

By Elliot Worsell THE headline’s importance should never be underestimated. It is especially crucial in today’s media landscape, where many readers are reluctant to look beyond it. For some, the headline is the article itself or the trigger for commenting without reading further. News outlets now prioritize clicks, making a strong headline essential to stand … Read more

Promoter Eddie Hearn says he will back Anthony Joshua “every day of the week” to beat Tyson Fury

ALTHOUGH as predictable as the way in which Anthony Joshua demolished a 0-1 boxing novice on Friday night (March 8) in Riyadh, still it is interesting to hear just how confident Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, is that Joshua beats Tyson Fury should they fight later this year. The plan, of course, is for Fury and … Read more

BN Fight Facts: As expected, Anthony Joshua deals with Francis Ngannou, knocking him out cold in the second round

THE RESULT: Anthony Joshua delivered a brutal finish to the silly fight against Francis Ngannou, ending his boxing ambition at the two-minute and 38-second mark of round two. A massive right hand left Ngannou knocked down twice already, unconscious on the canvas. KEY MOMENTS: Despite a positive start, Ngannou switched to southpaw in round one … Read more

BN Verdict: Francis Ngannou, Anthony Joshua, and what it means to leave a 0-1 novice out cold on the canvas

From time to time, we all get caught up in the excitement, especially when a powerful right hand connects with a vulnerable fighter, prompting a dramatic response that captivates us all. The thrill of a knockout is unmatched in the world of sports, regardless of who is delivering the blow and who is on the … Read more

BN Preview: Joshua and Ngannou put everything on the line in a fight that ultimately means very little

By Elliot Worsell PERHAPS the only thing stranger than the sight of Francis Ngannou dropping Tyson Fury and giving him all he could handle for 10 rounds was how quickly a cynical spectacle like that – to put it kindly – was then excused and glorified in the aftermath. Suddenly, despite the fight being roundly … Read more

Joshua-Ngannou or Zhang-Parker: Which is the more appealing heavyweight fight?

None of this is true of Friday’s (March 8) event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, however. Instead, we have in Anthony Joshua, Francis Ngannou, Zhilei Zhang, and Joseph Parker four heavyweights who conduct themselves impeccably and feel no need to misbehave, act out of character, or spin a yarn. Fortunate in that respect – in so … Read more