Industry Picks: Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou

It is being promoted as ‘Knockout Chaos’, but Anthony Joshua, one of the two heavyweight fighters, will be aiming to avoid chaos when he faces Francis Ngannou on Friday night (March 8).

Former UFC champion Ngannou’s reputation has skyrocketed since transitioning from the Octagon to the boxing ring, with his performance against Tyson Fury last October leaving many believing he had done enough to defeat the WBC heavyweight champion. Now, Joshua has the chance to outshine his rival and defeat the powerful Ngannou in front of Fury in Riyadh.

So, what are the experts saying? Boxing News reached out to various individuals in the industry to get their predictions.

  1. Ben Shalom: (Promoter) – Joshua.
  2. Callum Johnson: (Cruiserweight) – I believe Joshua will handle Ngannou.
  3. Charlie Edwards: (Bantamweight) – I foresee a very explosive fight between Joshua and Ngannou. AJ may need some time to adjust to Ngannou’s unpredictability, but I think Joshua will emerge victorious.
  4. Billy Nelson: (Trainer) – I predict Joshua to outclass Francis and end the fight.
  5. Caoimhin Agyarko: (Super-welterweight) – I see Joshua winning on points, possibly with a late stoppage if he can hurt Ngannou.
  6. Arnie Farnell: (Trainer) – I anticipate Joshua winning by stoppage, but there’s a chance he could get caught. He needs to maintain control of the ring and avoid being bullied by Ngannou.
  7. Archie Sharp: (Super-featherweight) – I believe Joshua will knock out Ngannou within five rounds. He will come out looking to make a statement and land a decisive blow to secure the victory.
  8. Aston Brown: (Middleweight) – Anthony Joshua wins by knockout within five rounds. He is too sharp and explosive for Ngannou.
  9. Solomon Dacres: (Heavyweight) – Joshua by TKO after six rounds.
  10. Mark Neilson: (Promoter) – I think Tyson Fury underestimated Francis Ngannou in their fight. Anthony Joshua won’t make the same mistake. With Ben Davison in his corner, I expect Joshua to win by a clear decision or late stoppage.

Result: Joshua 64 votes, Ngannou two votes.

For more industry predictions, watch the video below.

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