Qiddiya will eventually host the Esports World Cup –

The city of Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia has been selected as the future site for the Esports World Cup. This major gaming competition will take place in Riyadh this year, but the responsibilities will eventually be transferred to Qiddiya. The city will house the Elite Player Lounge and The Qiddiya Esports Arena.

The Elite Player Lounge is expected to be the gathering spot for competitors to interact, train, unwind and form bonds before the games. Besides this, there will also be Elite Esports Bootcamps – a place for teams to hone their skills and strategize for the games. The Bootcamps, touted to have a cyberpunk milieu, will be capable of accommodating 20 esports entities at the same time.

The Saudi government is gradually turning Qiddiya into a nerve centre for entertainment, including esports. Plans are in place to establish numerous esports venues, including an ambitious project that is earmarked to be one of the top three biggest venues worldwide.

As for the Esports World Cup taking place this year, it’s known that it will occur between July and August. Exact dates are yet to be announced.

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