How streaming is boosting esports

How streaming is boosting esports

Video games captivate audiences not just on platforms like Twitch but also on other widely used social networks like TikTok. This is proven by the 75% jump in esports viewing since 2020, measured in watched hours, as one study suggests. The key factor attributed to this achievement is the power of streaming. Streamed esports content … Read more

US integrator deploys Sony cameras in esports demo room

CCS Presentation Systems is capitalizing on the booming growth markets in Esports, to which it is heavily committing its efforts. This veteran system integrator based in Mesa, Arizona, with more than three decades of experience, is developing an Esports demo room at its new U.S. headquarters. It’s equipped with all the cutting-edge technology necessary for … Read more

RA Esports BGMI Champions Gala Semi Finals Day 3: Overall Standings, Match Summary

The RA Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Champions Gala Semi Finals’ third day came to a successful end with the veteran teams including Orangutan, Godlike Esports, and Revenant Esports taking the lead. Newer teams such as WSB Gaming and Frequency Esports also demonstrated a steady performance. These matches will determine which of the 24 competing … Read more

Swedish esports organisation Alliance rebrands to mark a new era –

Alliance, the Swedish online gaming organisation, recently announced a rebranding. This makeover is part of Alliance’s efforts to usher in a new era. The gaming organization had this to say about the new look: “Alliance has steadily grown from being a Swedish organization to a global entity with teams located across the globe. The time … Read more

How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Esports Industry 

Blockchain technology offers an unparalleled level of security in recording information, significantly counteracting hacking, altering, and fraudulent activities. This technological innovation serves as a vital tool in esports, offering a reliable, decentralized record-keeping system. It not only augments the organization of competitions but also enhances player interactions and guarantees the transparency and security of transactions. … Read more

How to get Codasaurus skin bundle in MW3 and Warzone

Frequent players of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are accustomed to the game’s addition of eccentric and bizarre skins. A recent addition includes the unique Sickle Operator skin for Riptide. This skin draws inspiration from dinosaurs and comes with weapon blueprints which are part of the Codasaurus tracer pack. Credit: ONE Esports … Read more

The Rise of Esports Celebrities in the Color Prediction Arena

In the ever-evolving world of the colour prediction games, we have recently witnessed the rise of esports celebrities. Such figures, usually associated with competitive video gaming, are making waves in the vibrant and unpredictable world of colour forecasts. This article will explore how these influencers are shifting the dynamics and captivating audiences, thereby establishing themselves … Read more

New MW3 prestige system explained — how to prestige

Last updated at 4:33 p.m. GMT+8 on April 19: Prestige ranks for Season 2 and 3 have been added. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, players can push beyond the cap of level 55 through the prestige system for more achievements. This is all the information you need to understand the workings of the … Read more