Highlights of esports matches at 19th Asian Games-Xinhua

Highlights of esports matches at 19th Asian Games-Xinhua

rewrite this content and keep HTML tags Team Thailand prepare before the Arena of Valor Asian Games Version Group D match of Esports at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, Sept. 24, 2023. (Xinhua/Yan Linyun) Team Thailand compete during the Arena of Valor Asian Games Version Group D match of Esports … Read more

Indian esports players, results and scores

At the Asian Games 2023 held in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China, a duo from India participated in the FC Online esports tournament, previously recognized as FIFA Online 4. All the esports events were conducted in the China Hangzhou Esports Centre. The FC Online contests in the Asian Games 2023 were planned from 24th to … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077: All Sandevistan Cyberware locations

Cyberpunk 2077’s Sandevistan Cyberware may not have garnered much attention prior to its feature in the Edgerunners anime. However, the ability to decelerate time to a near standstill and dismember your foes became iconic due to the anime, especially with the recent combat enhancements in the game. If you’re beginning a new game, you may … Read more

Clever LoL champion combo gives Xerath aimbot with ultimate ability

Scripters may not be a common problem in League of Legends, but when encountered on the Summoner’s Rift, they can be quite a nuisance. That said, a novel technique involving Xerath offers players a variant of “aimbot” when coupled with Kayn—and fear not, it’s a legitimate strategy that won’t get you banned. Pressing the F1 … Read more

How to watch EA Sports FC Online, full schedule, format at 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou

EA Sports FC Online’s New Game Format for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou (Previously known as FIFA Online 4) At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the competition will involve 36 players in a revised double-elimination tournament. The tournament format necessitates each player to lose twice before being disqualified, except in two scenarios. Firstly, in the … Read more

Loki Joins Brawlhalla with Latest Legend Reveal

Brawlhalla, a popular platform fighter, is renowned for its extensive and diversified roster of legends. Even after a decade, the game continues to surprise its players with thrilling and unique new legends. The most recent teaser has sparked quite an excitement as it introduces Loki, the newest character in Brawlhalla. The game’s developers have recently … Read more

Razer targets esports players with Huntsman V3 Pro’s adjustable actuation and rapid trigger

The new Huntsman V3 Pro gaming keyboards have been unveiled by Razer, featuring Gen 2 analogue optical switches with adjustable actuation distance. Created in partnership with esports pros, the Huntsman V3 Pro series will be offered in three different sizes; full, tenkeyless, and 60 per cent. The full-size version includes anything from a numpad to … Read more

The best deals on EA Sports FC 24

Our appreciation goes to Gamivo for sponsoring this content. EA Sports FC 24 will be commencing this month. PC users who are football fanatics, it’s the perfect time to get your pre-order of this soccer simulation game. The pricing is £59.99 for the Standard Edition and £89.99 for the Ultimate Edition which also gets you … Read more

Is Payday 3 on Xbox Game Pass?

Payday 3 made its debut on Sept. 21, following its early access period starting Sept. 18. As Xbox Game Pass proudly serves millions of users on both PC and console with a myriad of games, it’s natural for players to question if they can indulge inPayday 3 as part of this subscription service. If you’re … Read more

The 3 best heroes to counter Khaleed in Mobile Legends

rewrite this content and keep HTML tags Khaleed can be an absolute nightmare to deal with in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, especially when in the hands of a skilled player. The Fighter’s unique skill set allows him to deal massive amounts of damage while also having excellent durability, making him one of the best early … Read more