ESL Pro League Season 19: Schedule, results, teams, format

Last Updated on April 29, at 2:59 a.m. (GMT+8): Results have been updated.

The ESL Pro League Season 19 signifies the comeback of the most prestigious Counter-Strike league at Saint Julian’s, Malta. The tournament brings together the top teams from all over the globe, competing to clinch the championship title.

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This season, thirty-two teams will compete over a span of three weeks to win the Intel Grand Slam V and a place at the IEM Cologne 2024.

The Format for the ESL Pro League Season 19

Teams are split into four groups with eight teams in each group.

They face off in a triple-elimination bracket where all matches are held in best-of-three format. The top four teams from every group then move on to the Playoffs.

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Meanwhile, each group’s winners secure their places in the Quarterfinals and the second-ranked teams move on to the Round of 12.

Teams that place third and fourth begin the competition in the Round of 16.

The Playoffs, scheduled to run from May 7 to 12, then change to a single-elimination bracket involving the best 16 teams.

Photo Credits: ONE Esports

Staying consistent with previous stages, all matches are best-of-three, except for the Grand Final. The Grand Final will be a best-of-five match to declare the overall winner.

Starting from the third and fourth Quarterfinals, all matches will be broadcasted live on stage.

Schedule and Results of the ESL Pro League Season 19

The Group Stage stretches from April 23 to May 5.

(More updates to follow)

April 23 (Tuesday)

Eternal Fire 0 — 2 Astralis
Virtus Pro 1 — 2 Fnatic
3D Max 2 — 0 SAW
Team Vitality 2 — 0 Sharks Esports

April 24 (Wednesday)

FaZe Clan 2 — 0 Imperial Esports
BetBoom Team 2 — 1 M80
Team Falcons 1 — 2 The MongolZ
TYLOO 0 — 2 G2 Esports
Virtus Pro 2 — 0 SAW
Fnatic 0 — 2 3DMax

April 25 (Thursday)


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