Global Esports teases the acquisition of a VALORANT superstar from North America

Global Esports has hinted at the potential signing of former XSET member Jordan “AYRIN” He through a VALORANT edit.

Global Esports was one of the 10 teams accepted into the Pacific franchised league for VALORANT in 2023. The organization, based out of India, has been dominating the tier-two scene and will be getting the chance to face off against the best next year. Global Esports currently has a full roster of players also from India but will be looking to change that by signing an import as its first player. The video released by Global Esports is edited to not give away who the team is signing just yet. But the evidence given points to one player from North America.

The clips featured in the video are a mixture of matches played both internationally and from the NA VCT. This is coupled with casting over the clips from different popular NA casters, leaving NA as the only region this player can be from. One of the clips takes place on Icebox, where the mystery player is hiding in a corner before killing three members of XERXIA. This clip is from XSET’s match against XERXIA during VALORANT Champions Istanbul earlier this year. ARYIN was the one in the clip carefully waiting for XERXIA to push up while playing Viper. To confirm this clip, a Twitter user posted the unedited clip below the announcement video showcasing that it is AYRIN playing.

ARYIN was released from XSET officially on Oct. 3 alongside the remainder of his teammates. While XSET originally wanted to stay together as a team, multiple members have split off. Head coach Don “SyykoNT” Muir was recently acquired by Sentinels while lead-duelist Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban signed with 100 Thieves.

Global Esports’ acquisition of ARYIN would mark the first time a player from NA would be playing for the Pacific region.

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