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UJ Esports Weekly Update

Overwatch 2 vs Oklahoma City University

The Jimmies faced off with OCU in a decisive matchup as UJ would need a win to qualify for the East 2 Conference playoffs. UJ would open the series on Lijiang Tower for control but would come up short by a score of 1-2 and setting the series at 1-0 in favor of Oklahoma City. However, the Jimmies would bounce back with 3 consecutive map wins on King’s Row (Hybrid), Route 66 (Escort), and a 5-man overtime push that lasted over 90 seconds on New Queen Street (Push). The 3-1 win secured a playoff berth for the Jimmies (2-5) as the #6 seed and they will play Drexel University in the first round on Tuesday, November 8th at 7:30pm.


Map 1 (Lijiang Tower/Control): UJ 1, OCU 2

Map 2 (King’s Row/Hybrid): UJ 3, OCU 2

Map 3 (Route 66/Escort): UJ 1, OCU 0

Map 4 (New Queen Street/Push): UJ 1, OCU 0


Rocket League vs Capitol Tech University

In the first of two games in a double-header last Monday, the Jimmies Rocket League team would take on Capitol Tech University with playoff seeding on the line. Game 1 would prove to be a test for UJ as the game was set at a 2-2 tie with time running out. Edgar Cabrera (SO/Fresno, Calif.) would come up big for the Jimmies in this one, scoring his 3rd goal of the game with just 54 seconds left, securing a 3-2 victory and a 1-0 series lead.

After another close game 2 ending in a 1-0 victory for UJ, the Jimmies would then go on to secure another 1-goal victory by a score of 2-1 off goals from Dillon Hager (SO/Jamestown, N.D.) and Edgar Cabrera in game 3. The 3-0 series victory set the Jimmies Rocket League team up for a match with Indiana Tech for the #1 seed in the East 11 Conference.


Game 1: UJ 3, CTU 2

Game 2: UJ 1, CTU 0

Game 3: UJ 2, CTU 1


Dillon Hager (Bobbakanoosh): 2 goals, 3 saves

Noah Haglund (AquaManiac2): 5 saves

Edgar Cabrera (BestBatman117): 4 goals, 3 saves


Rocket League vs Indiana Institute of Technology

In the 2nd game of UJ’s double-header, the Jimmies (4-1) would take on undefeated Indiana Institute of Technology (5-0) in a match for the #1 overall seed in the playoffs. UJ would come out swinging in game 1, controlling the pace for the majority of the game and securing an early 1-0 series lead off a 3-2 victory. In game 2, the Jimmies would find themselves down 2-1 with just seconds to go. Edgar Cabrera would put the ball off the backboard, finding Dillon Hager for the equalizer as time expired to send the game to overtime tied 2-2. The Jimmies would make quick work of this extra period and win game 2 by a score of 3-2.

Game 3 would be all UJ, as the Jimmies controlled possession for well over half of the game. A late goal by IIT would not be enough as UJ would secure the series by a score of 2-1. The 3-0 series win secured a #1 seed and a first-round bye for the Jimmies (5-1) and they will play in the
semifinals on Monday, November 14th at 6:00pm.


Game 1: UJ 3, IIT 2

Game 2: UJ 3, IIT 2

Game 3: UJ 2, IIT 1


Dillon Hager (Bobbakanoosh): 5 goals, 1 save, 2 assists

Noah Haglund (AquaManiac2): 1 goal, 2 saves, 2 assists

Edgar Cabrera (BestBatman117): 2 goals, 3 saves, 2 assists


Call of Duty vs Southern Illinois

UJ’s Call of Duty team (4-1) would come into their final match of the regular season against undefeated Southern Illinois College (5-0) with playoff seeding in the East 3 Conference on the line. The Jimmies would get off to a slow start in a Hardpoint match for game 1 on Berlin, falling by a score of 75 to 250.

Game 2 would feature the Search and Destroy format on Desert Siege with the Jimmies staying even with SIC 3-3 halfway through the game off a great performance from Aaron Huff (JR/Cleveland, N.D.). However, the Jimmies would not be able to even the match score down the stretch as SIC would take game 2 by a score of 6-4.

Down 0-2, the Jimmies would try to bounce back in a Control match back on Berlin and would swing momentum back in their favor with a convincing 3-1 victory off solid play from Huff and teammate Dawson Mee (SO/Jamestown, N.D.). However, the Jimmies were unfortunately unable to capitalize off their game 3 win, and would fall on another Hardpoint match by a score of 250 to 142. With the loss, UJ (4-2) will secure a #3 seed for playoffs and will play #6 Keiser University (1-5) in the first round on Wednesday, November 9th at 6:00pm.


Map 1 (Berlin/Hardpoint): UJ 75, SIC 250

Map 2 (Desert Siege/Search and Destroy): UJ 4, SIC 6

Map 3 (Berlin/Control): UJ 3, SIC 1

Map 4 (Tuscan/Hardpoint): UJ 142, SIC 250


Fortnite Fall Open Split Championship

The UJ duo of Caleb Page (SR/Miller, S.D.) and Kaden Schmidt (SO/Medina, N.D.), through solid play during the regular season, qualified for the Fall Open Split Championships on November 5th. The Jimmies competed against 49 other teams throughout the course of 6 games on Saturday with points being awarded based on placement and number of eliminations.

Throughout 3 initial qualifiers, the Jimmies tallied final scores of 37, 38, and 27 points for a total of 102. These performances placed UJ in the top 15 in the Western conference out of more than 30 teams and placed them in the top 50 teams in the country. UJ would have a good performance in the finals despite having some unfortunate drops and early exits and finished 37th out of 50. UJ will be competing again in the Spring Open Split which is scheduled to start in February.


Valorant vs Irvine Valley College

The UJ Valorant team closed out their fall season last week with a week 6 match against Irvine Valley College. UJ’s Valorant squad plays in the NACE Varsity Premier division, which features teams at the top level of competition in the collegiate scene.

Map 1 would feature a game on Ascent with the Jimmies starting on defense. UJ would get off to a great start, winning the first 4 rounds before IVC would bounce back, winning 7 of the next 8 rounds which set the score at 5-7 halfway through the match. Through solid play from Cole Broen (JR/Minot, N.D.) and Alfredo Romero, who finished the map with a combined 38 eliminations and 17 assists, UJ would respond strongly to even the score up 10-10. The Jimmies would unfortunately fall in the next few rounds and IVC would take the first map by a final score of 13-11.

IVC would prove to be too much for UJ on map 2 and would control the pace of the game throughout the rest of the series. Map 2, played on Bind, would end in a score of 13-2 in favor of IVC.

The Jimmies Valorant team finish their season with a record of 2-4 and will be back in action for the spring season. Competition is scheduled to start in February.


Map 1 (Ascent): UJ 11, IVC 13

Map 2 (Bind): UJ 2, IVC 13

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