Overwatch 2 Season 10 brings back gold weapons for ranked rewards

Gold weapon skins are making a return as ranked rewards in Overwatch Season 10.

In Season 9 of Overwatch 2, jade weapons were introduced as a new reward to encourage competitive play. However, Season 10 veers back with the gold weapons system, with each new victory marking a milestone for individual heroes. Thus, seeing any opponent’s hero armed with gold weapons in Season 10 of Overwatch 2 should signal caution.

The return of Gold weapons in Season 10

Before the introduction of jade weapons in Season 9 of Overwatch 2, the main reward for competitive play, aside from the ranking milestones, were gold weapons. Players would accumulate competitive points to buy these gold weapon variants to use with their preferred heroes. Later on, jade weapons were added in Season 9 as another visual weapon variant for the heroes.

Each new season introduces a new competitive ranked currency, so players must begin to accumulate this currency from scratch, as the past season’s currency is changed into a legacy currency. It appears we’re seeing a similar pattern here, where players are unable to use their legacy points to obtain gold weapon skins for the forthcoming season. Blizzard has stated that players are not allowed to mix their legacy points with their 2024 points while purchasing gold weapons.

Getting the 2024 golden guns for Overwatch 2

The 2024 Overwatch 2 golden weapons can only be acquired using the 2024 ranked points. Legacy points are not acceptable to purchase gold weapon skins for the coming season. The exact number of points required to unlock these skins is yet to be announced. But previously, ranked weapon skins needed 3,000 ranked points, indicating that the gold weapons pricing will be on similar lines.

Gold weapons for Overwatch 2 (Image source: Reddit)

But worry not, as the changes made to ranked gameplay in Season 10 make the grind less strenuous. With the introduction of new group queue and hero tweaks, it seems the odds favor every player.

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