VALORANT just had its busiest month ever

VALORANT has been battling it out with some of the heavy hitters of competitive gaming and esports since its arrival midway through 2020. 

Its undeniable popularity has continued to rise as time has gone on, with each tournament bringing in more fans and adding more depth to gameplay with viewers learning new techniques and meta-changing tactics almost every week.

The recent VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 started in January this year, however, fans really only felt the gravity of how big this tournament would be as time went on. The last chance qualifiers commenced at the end of June, and this clearly sparked a fire under esports players.

According to, there’s a clear correlation between VALORANT’s player count rising as the last chance qualifiers began to ramp up. The Counter-Strike competitor has seemingly taken over the FPS world, reaching 2.25 million players each day.

According to developers Riot Games, VALORANT has been attracting over 14 million players each month recently.

There’s been a continuous rise of two to three percent each month since the last chance qualifiers. Its FPS rival, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has also increased but struggles to compare to the success of VALORANT in recent memory.

CS:GO has around 1.1 million active daily players, meaning VALORANT is seemingly winning the FPS war—at least when it comes to players grinding the games.

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