Legends of Runeterra spells get a counter through Darkin Joraal

Riot Games dropped the final day of Legends of Runeterra support cards for the upcoming Darkin Domination expansion today, showcasing a Single Combat spell in Noxus, Riven Reforge synergy, and spell hate in Demacia. 

Scheduled to drop on Oct. 12, the Domination expansion will contain three champions, with the third champion spoiler likely dropping tomorrow with the patch notes. Standing out from the archetype support LoR spoilers today was the third Dakin Equipment, The Darkin Aegis. Operating as a modal spell, The Darkin Aegis has Tough and gives players the option to spend five mana to cast Joraal—a Demacia Darkin unit with Tough and Challenger and 4/3 baseline stats. 

Joraal stands out as a five-drop in Demacia as the follower increases the cost of your opponent’s spells by two when it’s attacking. Within the Demacia region, having the flexibility of either The Darkin Aegis or Joraal is solid since they both provide value at all stages of a game. 

The Noxus region got some sweet archetype buffs with today’s Domination spoilers, too. Riven has a new two-drop with Rune Squire. Showcasing 2/1 baseline stats, Rune Squire has Challenger and triggers Reforge upon getting summoned. 

Wanting to have spells like Demacia, Noxus gained a Single Combat lookalike through Brutal Skirmish. It’s a three-cost Fast speed spell that destroys an enemy’s Equipment and then has the ally and enemy strike one another. Mashing Equipment removal and Single Combat together is the ideal design flavor for the Noxus region. 

Also dropping in Noxus is the Burst speed spell Legionary Charge. Costing two mana to cast, the spell draws an ally with five or greater power. It also has a modal option to grow an ally to five power instead for that round, providing flexibility often not found in the Noxus region. 

Rounding out today’s spoilers is a League and TFT item players will recognize called the Golden Spatula. The Equipment was slotted into the Demacia region, pumping a unit’s stats by +3/+2. It’s a cute Equipment that can get created from Icathian Myths, a two-cost Demacia Burst speed spell.

Players can test out all the LoR spoilers revealed today with the release of the Domination expansion on Oct. 12.  

All images via Riot Games.

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