Popular caster Sardarji names the most consistent BGMI esports team

A few hours ago, on January 20, popular BGMI caster and YouTuber Harshdeep “Sardarji” Singh organized a livestream exclusively for his members. During the the broadcast, he reacted to many videos and talked about a variety of matters.

He also provided his opinion on the best BGMI esports team from 2019 till date. Sardarji mentioned that it was the lineup of Jonathan, Clutchgod, Neyoo, and Zgod, who were part of TSM Entity in 2019, and but are now tied up with GodLike Esports. He cited that the it is the only lineup that has stayed together for a long time and is currently in great form.

His exact words were:

“If I have to count from 2019 till date, I would say it is TSM Entity, which is now GodLike Esports. This is because the lineup has been consistent for a long time and is still in great form.”

Since Sardarji is a renowned caster who is known to work with Krafton, it’s no surprise that his comments have garnered a lot of interest among fans of the battle royale title.

Renowned caster Sardarji talks about dominant PUBG Mobile teams and adverse affect of BGMI’s suspension

Sardarji also mentioned several other rosters like Team Celtz, Orange Rock Esports, and Team X Spark. He talked about how Team Celtz won multiple PUBG Mobile tournaments and how Orange Rock Esports became a great lineup. Further, he also highlighted that the previous lineup of Team X Spark was also lethal.

His exact statement was:

“Recalling the 2019 scene, I will also have to mention the likes of Team Celtz and OR Esports. While the former won many tournaments, the latter formed a good team. Even the lineup of Team X Spark was also deadly back then.”

In the same livestream, the caster answered a question stating the reasons why live viewership is decreasing. He mentioned that BGMI’s absence has considerably affected and decreased livestreaming.

Sardarji also highlighted how an ecosystem helps any game to grow. He added that for viewership to increase, there should be regular events, a lot of users playing the game, and more frequent livestreams. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s suspension has made all the aformentioned offerings unavailable.

Sardarji’s said words were:

“This is simply because BGMI is not there. The ecosystem helps the game to grow. For [fan] watching to increase there should be events, players, and streams. However, none of these are available at the moment.

It remains to be seen when BGMI will make its return to the virtual storefronts of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which will help in esports events getting organized and more players playing the game. This will also result in Sardarji’s mentioned teams battling it out once again.

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