Geekay Esports’ player Srsly unable to obtain visa to compete in Atlanta, former KOI player Leadr to replace him — SiegeGG

Geekay Esports has officially announced that Ahmet “Srsly” Hasan is “unable to secure his visa for the United States“, hence he will play alongside a stand-in.

Geekay Esports, primarily consisting of players from Saudi Arabia, has decided to momentarily include Jake “Leadr” Fortunato in their roster. He is reuniting with his ex-KOI teammate, Adam “nudl” Hryceniak, and previous Natus Vincere coach, Alonso “ALO” Díez.

Leadr’s recent time in top-tier competitive play was short-lived as his stint with KOI only spanned four months. He averaged a SiegeGG rating of 0.97 and a KOST of 62% in the first stage of the Europe League, having a 3-5 (-2) entry record and primarily gaming as Lion and Azami.

The Europe League 2023 Stage 1 Last Chance Qualifiers marked Leadr’s last performance alongside the Six Berlin Major champions, where he secured a SiegeGG rating of 0.75, primarily playing as Dokkaebi and Azami.

Earlier this month, in our conversation with Geekay Esports player Abdellah “X.Ke” Al Wahabi, he admitted that “using English for comms gave them an upper hand as initial use of Arabic created a lot of chaos”.

Geekay Esports is set to make their international introduction in Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow where they will face off against Ninjas in Pyjamas. Stay tuned for everything you need to be aware of regarding Group A’s teams!

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