How to claim League of Legends Prime Gaming reward drops

League of Legends is filled to the brim with cosmetics that can add a bunch more depth to the overall game. Players who love collecting skins get the opportunity to keep adding to their collection each time a new skin is released.

Prime Gaming has given fans extra skins regularly for a wide variety of games. Those who don’t have money to spend on skins or just choose not to spend can be at ease due to the skins given to users of Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime has teamed up with League to give fans some excellent cosmetics that’ll add to your collection.

How do I claim League Prime Gaming Reward drops?

To get these drops, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership, otherwise, you’re not eligible for these skins. Once you’ve done that, follow this link, then sign in with the riot account you want the cosmetics on, and claim your loot. 

Here’s where to find your capsules:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming website and find League of Legends
  2. Click and claim October’s reward 
  3. Hop onto LoL and have a peek at your “loot” tab
  4. And your capsule should be patiently awaiting your arrival.

Now you should have access to all of the League of Legends loot from the Prime Gaming reward drops, and you can show it off in your League solo queue games.

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