Dynamo Clears All Doubts Regarding the Future of Hydra Esports

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Once again he explains his mindset to his viewers.

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During a recent livestream, Dynamo clarified all doubts regarding the future of Hydra Esports in BGMI.
Dynamo reiterated that he is not focusing on esports right now because the game itself is banned and its return is still uncertain.
He also revealed that the devices provided to former Hydra Esports BGMI players are still with them and they continue to practice with it.

There have been a lot of questions regarding Hydra Esports and its presence in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). The organization does not have a fixed lineup till now and according to Hrishav “Hydra Hrishav” Kumar players are still being tried and shortlisted.

During a recent livestream session, Dynamo spoke about the future of Hydra Esports and his plans related to competitive gaming, reiterating that he is not at all focusing on esports right now because the game itself is banned and there is no certainty surrounding its return.

Dynamo talks in detail about the future of Hydra Esports and his involvement in it

So far Hydra Esports has been absent from the ongoing tier-one BGMI scrims where all the top teams have been playing and practicing, though it has also been the focal point of multiple recent controversies.

Clarifying his point of view related to involvement in esports, Dynamo spoke to his viewers during a recent livestream and once again said that he does not want to focus on esports until BGMI returns.

“I have already put in a lot of effort when it comes to esports, be it signing underdog players, making a new team, or anything else. Me, Hrishav, Danger (Ronny), all of us together have done it all,” said Dynamo.

However, his next point was in direct contradiction to this as he pointed out that for 1.5 years he ran the esports operations all alone. This did not bode well for him as there was no such positive outcome that he achieved out of it.

“In order to achieve some outcome, I organized a meeting with our former members, pitching a plan to attain a good outcome, but no one came forward to support and reasoned that they do not have this or that,” said Dynamo.

He was upset that everyone wanted to do so many things with the players but did not feel the need to invest in them. Even after the game was banned, Dynamo kept the BGMI lineup together till October or November (three to four months).

After this, he straightaway informed the players that he could not help them anymore monetarily but allowed them to keep the devices to continue playing and practicing.

: The related segment starts from 05:17 onwards.

Dynamo has continued supporting the former Hydra Esports players but does not want to take things forward right now, waiting for BGMI to return before taking any further steps in regard to esports.

Only time will telol what will happen to Hydra Esports going ahead but for now Dynamo is not focusing on esports and is committed to focussing on himself and his own content.

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