Are your Apex Legends Heirlooms and Battle Pass levels missing?

Yet another bug has been detected in Apex Legends.

Apex gamers have noticed that their Heirlooms and Battle Pass ranks seem to have vanished following the latest update of Apex Legends.

A number of players on X, previously known as Twitter, have reported that their Apex Heirloom collection has been completely reversed. Heirlooms owned by the players are missing, whereas those that they didn’t own are now available.

In addition to this, gamers are discovering that their Battle Pass progression has been wiped off, with various unreleased cosmetics showing up in their inventory.

Recent Apex Legends bug results in disappearance of Heirlooms, skins and Battle Pass levels

This is another installment in a series of Apex Legends bugs experienced in recent weeks. Just a fortnight ago, Apex was hit by a significant bug causing loss of progress, ranging from badges to Apex Coins, from player accounts.

That incident was resolved, but unfortunately, now players seem to be encountering another problem with their items in Apex Legends.

Post updates today, Apex gamers are experiencing the disappearance of their Heirlooms. However, there’s no need to fret. Like the previous bug, this error will be server-side. Consequently, you will NOT lose any of your purchased Heirlooms because of this glitch.

That’s not all, players are also reporting attainments of heirlooms they haven’t unlocked yet. This will be resolved as well. Enjoy them while they last!

The same goes for your Battle Pass. If your progress appears to have been reset, don’t panic. This is likely a minor mistake and not a cause for concern.

Postpone purchasing Apex skins

Nevertheless, it is currently recommended to refrain from making any new purchases in Apex Legends.

As Respawn works to resolve the Apex missing heirlooms bug, it’s safest not to make purchases if affected. Reports suggest that the cosmetic will not be added to your account, but your Shards or Apex Coins will still be deducted.

This isn’t confirmed, but it’s always better to play it safe while we await an official statement from Respawn regarding the recent glitch. However, there’s no need to worry if you’ve made a purchase. Respawn has promptly compensated affected players in the past.

Maybe we all will be gifted another eight free packs?

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