Bunce Diary: Boxing remains a glorious business

Join me on a journey starting at the back of York Hall, where dead pigeons and discarded vapes litter the floor, all the way to the boxing ring at the Olympics in Paris this summer.

While it’s not a direct path, stay with me as we make stops for dream fights, emotional moments, highs and lows. We’ll witness joyful debuts, redemption, and tears, encapsulating the essence of a boxing weekend.

Last week at a packed York Hall, Charlie Edwards fought not just for a belt but for his life. His victory was a testament to his resilience after nearly eight years since his first world title fight. The next night, I saw him in Manchester, marked by battle but content. Witnessing Charlie’s triumph was the highlight of the weekend, showcasing the caliber of British fighters in the world title mix.

Zelfa Barrett, once a spectator in the cheapest seats at Manchester Arena, now pursues his dreams in the ring. Jordan Gill, a fighter who has faced darkness, deserves support and recognition for his courage. The boxing community stood behind him, acknowledging his strength and perseverance.

Rhiannon Dixon celebrated her world title win, surrounded by her team and Ant Crolla, reflecting on their journey from the shadows of the gym to championship glory. Dixon’s victory symbolized the dedication and hard work that culminated in that moment of triumph.

Ellie Scotney’s emotional walk to the ring, guided by boxing legend Billy Graham, was a poignant reminder of the sport’s rich history and powerful mentorship. Scotney’s nan, a guiding presence in her victory, continues to inspire her from beyond.

The weekend’s fights featured displays of courage, perseverance, and sheer determination, encapsulating the essence of boxing as a sport of heart and grit. Tom Welland’s potential Olympic journey and Christian Fetti’s successful debut added to the tapestry of memorable moments.

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