Iceberg Arcade QBZ and more

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new Frigid Nightmare crate, featuring a collection of legendary and mythical items within the game. These type of items are the most uncommon in the battle royale game and have a distinctive aesthetic compared to other items. So, if you’re open to spending your UCs on crate openings, this offer might be worth considering.

The following article provides a further examination of the new items included in the Frigid Nightmare crate and details on how you can acquire them.

Note: PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India. Readers in the region are encouraged not to play the game but rather engage in BGMI, the legal and exclusive version for India.

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An overview of PUBG Mobile’s Frigid Nightmare Crate

The Frigid Nightmare lucky spin was introduced on December 29, 2023, and will be active until January 26, 2024 (UTC+0). It features mythical and legendary items, including the Frigid Beast set and headcover. Other items in the crate include the Iceberg Arcade QBZ skin, Mini Cyclops ornament, Mega Yeti Parachute skin, and Bony Totem backpack skin.

In addition to these, the crate includes Crystals that you can use to purchase exclusive items if you’re unable to unlock them via spins. Gold and Classic Crate Coupons are also part of the crate’s offerings.

Procedure for unlocking Frigid Nightmare’s exclusive items in PUBG Mobile

To obtain exclusive items from the Frigid Nightmare crate, you need to perform crate openings. These openings function like spins, where you spend a specific amount of UCs to draw, and an item from the crate gets chosen to reward you.

The cost for a single draw is 60 UCs, while ten draws at once would cost 540. Do note that these prices might fluctify based on the country or region of the player.

If you’re out of luck and fail to get any exclusive items after spending your UCs on crate openings, you can buy them using in-crate Crystals. Below are the prices of each exclusive item available in the Frigid Nightmare crate:

  • The Legendary Frigid Beast set goes for 189 Crystals.
  • The Legendary Frigid Beast headcover is priced at 75 Crystals.
  • The Mythic Mini Cyclops Ornament costs 30 Crystals.
  • The Mythic Iceberg Arcade skin for QBZ can be bought for 60 Crystals.
  • The Mythic Bony Totem backpack skin is also priced at 60 Crystals.
  • The Mythic Mega Yeti parachute skin costs just 23 Crystals.

Methods to earn free UCs in PUBG Mobile

There are several ways to earn free UCs within PUBG Mobile, such as collecting Play Points on the Google Play Store.

The digital store provides tasks to be completed within a certain period, including installing an app, using it for a few days, and submitting a review based on your experience. Completing these tasks will reward you with Play Points, which can be redeemed for UCs in the game.

However, caution is advised while undertaking these tasks, as some promoted apps may be addictive or involve real-money gambling.

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