Alliance scraps entire Dota 2 roster ahead of another rebuild

With the International 2022 regional qualifiers ending, teams that won’t be attending the event have already started planning their rosters for the upcoming DPC season. While some squads will make do with minor changes, it’s time for a restart at Alliance as the organization released all the members of its Dota 2 roster.

Alliance most recently competed in the Western European Qualifiers for the International 2022. Due to Alliance’s last-place finish in the previous season’s first division, the team had to start the tournament in the lower bracket.

The first roadblock on the road to The International 2022 was blocked by Gorgc’s Team Bald Reborn, a team that can be considered a passion project compared to Alliance. Since Team Bald had finished the second division in fifth place, many anticipated that Alliance would be able to get through the first round.

The series between Alliance and Team Bald Reborn started off with a victory for the latter. It took Alliance a 44-minute-long hassle to tie out the series, only to lose the deciding game in a 54-minute battle. The upset kicked Alliance off the tournament in the first round, a disappointing result for the Swedish organization.

Alliance’s most recent Dota 2 documentary, Ascent, shed some light on the team’s current spirit which seemed broken at best. Results haven’t been there in the past year and a half. Most fans anticipated that the roster would eventually split up or go through another overhaul.

In the documentary, Alliance’s coach, Loda, points out the fact that squad members were having a tough time when it came to showing emotions and communication. While individual skills can carry a player to great heights in the game’s ranked mode, finding success in competitive Dota 2 requires A-level communication skills.

Former Alliance members w33, Aramis, Limitless, Dukalis, and Nikobaby are now currently free agents, while the organization will look forward to rebuilding its Dota 2 division before the upcoming DPC season.

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