Farlight 84 announces entry to PH esports scene

With Farlight 84 set to invest an astounding $20 million over the course of five years, the esports circuit in the Philippines is on the cusp of a major shakeup.

The central part of this effort revolves around the establishment of the Farlight Philippines Championship (FPC). With a fairness and equal opportunity-driven point system, players of all skill levels will have a chance to excel.

Future Farlight esports players will compete over the impressive $1 million prize pool through numerous tournaments.

One key part of the Farlight 84 strategy is the launch of automated tournaments with live ranking displays. This innovative feature provides a smooth gaming experience, eliminating potential interruptions and delays that could detract from the thrill of esports tournaments.

Yet, this is not the end of the journey. Farlight 84 is hinting at plans for a 2024 World Cup. Outperforming players will have the chance to represent their country, battling to the top for national glory on an international platform.

The rising first-person shooter game recently held the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan where multiple plans for the gaming ecosystem were revealed.

“The FARLIGHT 84 PH SUMMIT signifies more than just another event—it serves as an affirmation of FARLIGHT 84’s steadfast commitment to providing the best for our people and of course, players,” said Nelson Woon, the Senior Director of Global Publishing at Farlight 84.

“As a collective, we consistently aim high, developing captivating and locally fitting gaming experiences that truly connect with players. Our partnerships have reaped meaningful and rewarding outcomes, further propelling our aim to enhance gaming to the next level.”

In addition, Farlight 84 has confirmed successful collaborations with Filipino esports teams like AP.Bren, Execration, NAOS Esports, Oasis Gaming, PlayBook Esports, and BETA Esports in attempts to penetrate the Philippines’ esports field.

The game has also entered an arrangement with TNC to bolster its grassroots program.

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