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A manufacturing plant in the southern end of the county was sold for millions of dollars.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate sales in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from May 16-31.

There were 114 transactions, excluding sales for $1 or zero dollars. Of that total, 13 were $250,000 or more.

The largest sale during the 11-day business period was the purchase by Sustainable Energy Jamestown LLC of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada of 1 Precision Way in the town of Ellicott for $5 million. The property was sold by Heidenhain Corp., a foreign business corporation authorized to conduct business in New York state, as successor by merger of Acu-Rite Companies, Inc. and Acu-Rite Incorporated with an office in Lisle, Ill.

The Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency announced the sale was pending during its meeting on May 13 but did not disclose the price.

IDA officials said at the time the buyers were developers and were looking to make the purchase for “for high tech manufacturing” in the future. The building was being purchased with a tenant in mind, but no details were provided.

There was another sale in late May that was recorded and previously announced by the county IDA. Lawson Boat & Motor LLC purchased 3316 Fluvanna Ave., Ext. to Lawson Boat & Motor LLC of Jamestown for $400,000. The former Fountain Bowl building was purchased to become a showroom and boat storage facility.

A major non-profit sale was recorded during this time period. In Chautauqua Institution, 40 Scott Ave. was sold to Diverse Chautauqua Inc., DBA African American Heritage House of Chautauqua for $905,000.

The organization announced on its website that this 6-bedroom facility provides “a valuable social arena for community gatherings as well as a place for continued engagement with the past, present and future experiences of African Americans and other marginalized people at Chautauqua. More than simply a physical expansion, this new acquisition highlights AAHH’s mission to strengthen Chautauqua by encouraging and welcoming diversity while fostering honest and transformative conversations.”

Other limited liability corporation purchases during this time period that were at least $250,000 were:

¯ 10365-9 Main St., Mina, purchased by 10365 Main Street Holdings, LLC of Youngstown, Ohio for $320,000.

¯ 5361 Rt. 5, Pomfret, purchased by Slice of Pie Properties, LLC of Dunkirk for $285,000.

¯ 166 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, purchased by 166 Dale Drive, LLC of Louisville, Kentucky for $269,500.

There were seven additional purchases over $250,000 that were made by individuals. Two were in Westfield, two were in Ellicott, one was in Busti, one was in North Harmony, and one was in the town of Chautauqua. The sales were as follows:

¯ 120 E. Main St., Westfield was sold for $379,000.

¯ 2104 Cedar Brook, Busti was sold for $360,000.

¯ 3045 West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott was sold for $325,000.

¯ 344 East Main St., Westfield was sold for $269,000.

¯ 3418 Old Fluvanna Road, Ellicott was sold for $260,000.

¯ 5555 East Lake Road, Chautauqua was sold for $265,000.

¯ 4985 Stoneledge Road, North Harmony was sold for $251,000.

The full list of sales is as follows:

MAY 16-20

A referee for the heirs at large of Raymond Frost sold 78 Morris St., Mayville to Linda Baldwin for $54,529.

The executor for the estate of Josephine LaRusch sold two parcels on Fowler Avenue, Jamestown to Barry Brentley for $2,200.

Daniel and Lisa Delcamp sold 8642 Route 380, Portland to Dale Delcamp for $2,500.

Joshua Hattaway sold 5623 Route 380, Stockton to Summer Grant for $5,000.

Daniel Komorowski sold vacant land on North Johnson Avenue, Ellery to Field of Dreams KNC LLC of Pompano Beach, Fla. For $65,000.

David George sold 6388 Elmwood Lane, town of Chautauqua to the Mary Kathryn O’Malley Revocable Living Trust and the Mary F. Weir Revocable Living Trust for $127,000.

Nelson B.S. Nobles sold property on County Road 68, Cherry Creek to Aaron and Richelle Steward for $10,000.

Craig and Laurie Rubner sold 118 Franklin St., Sherman to Andrew Sutter for $25,000.

Holly Graham and Quentin Jensen sold 12 Jeffords St., Jamestown to Marvin Brandi for $42,000.

Michael and Melissa Moyer sold 11 East Main St., Falconer to Persnikkity Pies LLC of Falconer for $50,000.

Christine Kaiser sold 4 Hickory St., Silver Creek to Linda and James Lockhart for $13,002.

William and Mary Anne Culligan sold 344 East Main St., Westfield to Claudia and Karlyn Monroe for $269,000.

Joanne Moore sold 19 Carey Place, Jamestown to GOG Phoenix Rising, Inc. of Jamestown for $160,000.

Barbara Eichelberger sold 4494 W. Lake Road, Chautauqua to Barbara Goodyear for $49,000.

Chautauqua County Federation of Sportsmen’s Club Inc. of Fredonia sold property on Rundall and Caflisch roads, Clymer to Jaquins Landing, LLC of Clymer for $2,000.

The estate of Beverly Wallace sold 61 West 12th St., Jamestown to Federal National Mortgage Association of Washington, DC for $55,546.

Tammy Corns-Moes sold 748 Main St., Dunkirk to This One’s For The Boys LLC of Buffalo for $25,000.

Linda Thompson sold 81 Ounce St., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings LLC of East Aurora for $108,000.

Phyllis Bjork sold 8378 Schultz Drive, Westfield to Richard and Linda Keefer for $13,000.

Christina Defries sold 5286 West Main Road, Pomfret to Robert Turley Jr. and Mary Padgett for $165,000.

Ken Brown sold 209 Southland Ave., Lakewood to Spencer and Kortney Santilli for $192,000.

Sharon Hills sold 5555 East Lake Road, Chautauqua to Patrick and Ellen Livingston for $265,000.

Vincent Peterson sold vacant land on Salibbury Road, Ellery to William and Meaghan Sherwood for $49,000.

A referee for Daniel Timmerman sold 6452 Main Road, Portland to PNC Bank National Association for $41,688.

Rexford Rater sold 440 Winsor St., Jamestown to Soloman Hossain for $41,500.

Kim Patrick Saunders sold 3715 Panama Stedman Road, North Harmony to Kevin McChesney Revocable Trust for $155,000.

Ross Cali sold 109 Kidder St., Jamestown to Fransisco and Leslie Lantigua for $34,000.

Kristopher Foe sold 5683 Rt. 474, Harmony to Betsy Foe for $71,739.

Jason Gensberg sold 119 Eagle St., Fredonia to Tommy Roque for $161,000.

Ammon and Lydia Hershberger sold 8011 Mile Strip Road, Villenova to Emanuel and Mariam Miller for $115,000.

Jo-Ann Jackson sold 43 S. Main St., Cassadaga to Paul Hern for $40,000.

Henry James Properties, LLC of Jamestown sold 101 Allendale Ave., Jamestown to Sandra Foti for $70,000.

Edgar and Scott Ziegler sold 15 Middle Road, Dunkirk to Tabitha Venable for $113,197.

Jenness and Karen Merrill sold 32 Liberty St., Fredonia to Dalton Gardner for $118,000.

Bone Creek LLC of Mayville sold 192 Park St., and two other parcels on Park and East Main streets to Matthew and Amy Mattocks for $159,000.

Joyce Mathews sold 41 Evans St., Mayville to Travis and Natalie Starr for $150,000.

Andrew Zarpentine and Christina Miralles sold 28 East Main St., Ripley to David and Gabriell Zarpentine for $8,884.

Rotunda Homes LLC sold 5361 Rt. 5, Pomfret to Slice of Pie Properties, LLC for $285,000.

Jerome and Ruth DeLong sold 20 South Hanford Ave., Elllicott to Jonathan Castro-Torres for $175,000.

Buchanan Estates LLC sold 144 Lord St., Dunkirk to Ryan Reading for $50,000.

The estate of Norman Odebralski sold 9 N. Pangolin St., Dunkirk to Nicholas Hayes for $55,000.

Zachary Proctor sold 4985 Stoneledge Road, North Harmony to Christian McGowan for $251,000.

Jennifer Davis sold 10 Hanover St., Silver Creek to Terence Mecca for $160,000.

Leal Jones sold 3779 Heineman Road, Ellery to Marc and Lisa Vitantonio for $65,000.

Todd Coleson sold 120 E. Main St., Westfield to Troy and Carolyn Thomas for $379,000.

Charles and Judith Noble sold 10365-9 Main St., Mina to 10365 Main Street Holdings, LLC of Youngstown, Ohio for $320,000.

MAY 23-27

Ronald and Karen Cave sold property on Barnes Road, Stockton to Seaboard Solar Holdings, LLC of New Milford, Conn. for $175,000.

40 Scott Ave. LLC of Lewis, Delaware sold 40 Scott Ave., Chautauqua Institution to Diverse Chautauqua Inc., DBA African American Heritage House of Chautauqua for $905,000.

Heidenhain Corp., a foreign business corporation authorized to conduct business in New York state, as successor by merger of Acu-Rite Companies, Inc. and Acu-Rite Incorporated with an office in Lisle, IL sold 1 Precision Way, Ellicott to Sustainable Energy Jamestown LLC of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for $5 million.

Margaret Nason sold 2520 Shadylane Road, Mina to Trustees of the Haberman Family Trust for $225,000.

Richard and Karen Gould sold 129 Willow Ave., Jamestown to Mark and Karla Oshea for $105,000.

Kimberly Johnson sold 15 Hilldale Ave., Jamestown to Joseph Wasko for $163,000.

The Cochrane Family Trust sold 11 Colburn St., Westfield to Michael Starks and Allison Bartok for $177,000.

BBKMODS, LLC of Jamestown sold 151 Kipp St., Sherman to David Kelley and Jennifer Little for $9,000.

Anthony Dloniak sold 31 West Third St., and 324 Pelican St., Dunkirk to Natasha Torres for $15,000.

Michael and Nancy Manzella sold property on Mathews Road, Portland to Michael and Cassandra Blake for $3,000.

Victoria Dzak sold 5350 Lowell Road, Pomfret to Michael and Cathleen Langston for $24,000.

Thomas and Karen Smith sold property on Carrie Road, French Creek to K Vineyards LLC of West Palm Beach, Fla. For $110,000.

Ryan and Renee Schoelerman sold 3950 S. Clifford Ave., Ellery to Wendy Lee and Rollin III and Kimberly Reading for $175,000.

Barbara Dustin-Shields sold 27 Anderson Ave., Falconer to Brooke Sikes for $80,000.

Donald and Keisha Bowden sold 11 Newton St., Dunkirk to Carlos Lizarraga for $50,000.

Joanne Dibiase sold 56 Point Drive North, Dunkirk to Patti Boiko for $171,058.

Gordon and Janine Phillips sold property on Main Street, Ellery to Lukus and Grace Andriaccio for $50,000.

The executor of the estate for Marjorie Hiller sold 208 E. Elmwood Ave., Falconer to James and Nora Nealon for $95,000.

Robert and Joyce Anderson sold 8 Geneva St., Jamestown to Jennifer Stewart for $27,000.

Jean Krym sold 305 Edgewater Drive, Westfield to Michael and Barbara Breads for $182,500.

Andrew and Theresa Andrews, Mary Ann Bochenek, and Paul Andrews sold 5019 West Lake Road, Dunkirk to Nathaniel and Carly Storey for $140,000.

Jacob Scott sold 3517 Cemetery St., Poland to Clinton and Tashiana Peyton for $139,900.

Sally Jurkowski, Sharon Rusch and Sandra Schlortt sold 406 Park St., Jamestown to Antoinette Indriolo for $135,000.

The administratrix of the estate of David Long sold 513 Prospect St., Jamestown to Ian Clark for $72,000.

Thomas and Crista Dash sold 2387 Page Road, Poland to Mark and Sandra Hanson for $80,000.

Jessica Holmes sold 114 McDaniel Ave., Jamestown to Kenneth and Tina Swanson for $63,000.

JJS + A LLC of Lakewood sold 385 East Fairmount Ave., Lakewood to TBT Holdings LLC of Ashville for $175,000.

Maureen O’Connor sold 1200 Risley Road, Cherry Creek to Hulda and Frank Strohauer for $2,500.

Evelyn Hadley, James Ebert and Susan Graves sold 144 W. Sixth St., Dunkirk to Scott and Jenifer Ebert for $80,000.

Teltec Inc. of Dunkirk sold 5377 West Lake Road, Pomfret to 5377 West Lake Road LLC of Tonawanda for $145,000.

Linda Lewis, Tricia Desantis and Traci Potter sold 502 Edgewater Drive, Westfield to Robert and Nanette Bartkowiak for $160,000.

Jason Genberg sold 13 Mason St., Ellicott to Daniel Miller for $25,000.

John and Paula Schuk sold 199 Lake Shore Drive West to Colton Rolling for $65,000.

Trustees for the Blakeslee Family Living Trust sold 3418 Old Fluvanna Road, Ellicott to Theodore and Sandra Wentworth for $260,000.

Bissell-Babcock Millwork, Inc. of Sherman sold property on Stockton-Hartfield Road, Stockton to Frank and Wendy Suppa for $130,000.

Scott Collins sold 54 Spring St., Fredonia to Benjamin Renckens for $158,000.

Thomas and Karen Smith sold 10692 Carris Road, Ripley to Kimberly and Jeremiah Maring for $30,000.

Annette Weisbrod sold 305 West Main St., Falconer to Richard Zorn for $48,000.

Nancy Desanctis, Bruce Robbins, and Dale and Rebecca Robbins sold 115 Franklin Ave., Lakewood to Anne Thomas for $152,500

Trustee for the Robert N. Baldwin Living Trust sold 3244 Werle Road, Sheridan to John and Melonie Schmidt for $121,250.

Pamela Shrader sold 19 Hickory St., Silver Creek to Chelsea Shephard for $135,000.

Fanchon Fuller sold 2010 East Main St., Falconer to Scott and Jennifer Smith for $60,000.

Larry Barmore sold 20 Sturges St., Jamestown to Samantha Platt for $23,000.

Jason Anderson sold 1507 Trask Road, Busti to Allison Voty for $210,000.

Jessica Harmon sold 41 Burton Ave., Ripley to Diondra Lopez-Chapman for $84,500.

The executor of the estate for Florence proctor sold 3 Villa Dr., Westfield to Pamela Carapella for $165,000.

Timothy Odebralski sold 624 Canary St., Dunkirk to Larry Giordanelli for $57,000.

Deanna and Ryan Brown sold 5 Tew St., Silver Creek to TNT Houses2Homes, LLC of Perrysburg for $60,000.

Ralph Rasmusson sold 322 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Richard and Karen Gould for $170,000.

David and Kathleen Campola sold 204 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Linda Larson for $120,000.

Sami Bertch sold 221 Bowen St., Jamestown to Lisa Beaujean for $95,000.

Vincent Peterson sold property on Salisbury Road, Ellery to Bailey Sherwood for $40,000.

Tatyana Hill sold 166 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, to 166 Dale Drive, LLC of Louisville, Kentucky for $269,500.

Mengge Zhao sold 2104 Cedar Brook, Busti to Kenneth and Shirley Brown for $360,000.

MAY 31

Referee Joseph Pollino sold 995 Hunt Road, Busti to Matthew Kosinski for $84,000.

Philip and Diana Pantall sold 3045 West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott to Richard and Cynthia Siegel for $325,000.

Glen III and Susan Dickerson sold 100 Westcott St. Jamestown to Jennifer Pelc for $6,500.

Donald and Mary Giebner sold 111 Woodrow Ave., Dunkirk to Kratos Holdings, LLC of East Aurora for $15,000.

John and Laurie Bifaro sold property on Alleghany Road, Hanover to Brian and Amy O’Neil for $29,000.

Robert and Mark Rader sold 312 Franklin Ave., Dunkirk to Johnny Goodwin for $56,250.

Jill Braund sold 20 Bemus St., Bemus Point to Kurtis Johnson for $110,000.

William and Kathy Tucker sold 5 Hilldale Ave., Jamestown to David and Tammy Anderson for $100,000.

The executors of Louis Anderson sold 3316 Fluvanna Ave., Ext. to Lawson Boat & Motor LLC of Jamestown for $400,000.

Johnson and Farrah Yu sold 98 Forest Ave., Poland to Beverly Faber and Kim Aracil-Lee for $94,000.

Paul Jr. and Cheryl Trippy sold 505 Brigham Road, Dunkirk to Madeline Gokey for $156,000.

Cynthia Dehn sold 68 Orchard St., Fredonia to Amanda and Candice Jurczak for $127,200.

Kimberly Meabon sold 400 West Fifth St., Jamestown to S. R. M. Design LLC, of Jamestown for $100,000.

Hope Gibbons sold 3121 Busti-Stillwater Road, Busti to Daniel Karns for $218,500.

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