Esports tournament ‘Mayor’s Madden Invitational’ kicks off Sunday in Rochester

(Damon Fletcher / News 8 WROC)

In Rochester, N.Y., a group of youngsters and teenagers assembled on Sunday to kickstart Rochester Mayor Malik Evans’ premier esports tournament known as the “Mayor’s Madden Invitational.”.

The gaming competition took place at the David F. Gantt R-Center on North Street. As per the City of Rochester, the goal of the tournament is to provide a fun platform for players to demonstrate their abilities while also enjoying the thrill of in-person competition.

The Mayor highlighted the event as a key part of his campaign to extend opportunities for young people to delve into esports and video gaming.

“The most important thing is to have fun,” Mayor Evans stated. “Often times, when you’re playing from the comfort of your living room, there can be too much anonymity. Here, you physically meet people, and you’re able to establish connections.”

The tournament will run until 7 p.m., with spectators encouraged to attend the free event.

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