All the Fracture changes in Valorant patch 5.07

You can play the new Fracture now.

The new balance update to one of Valorant’s most controversial maps is finally here.

Fracture has received extensive changes both big and small in Valorant patch 5.07. These adjustments will change how players on both sides fight for map control and take space, forcing attackers and defenders to reevaluate their strategies.

It also simplifies several areas, eliminating awkward angles and hopefully making engagements feel more intuitive.

Before you jump into your next game on Fracture, here are all the changes made to the map.

All the Fracture changes in Valorant patch 5.07

B Arcade

Previously, attackers could often get pinched by defenders pushing from both A Dish and B Arcade, allowing the defending team to exert outsized pressure early in the round.

To help attackers hold off against this aggression, a small cubby was opened at Arcade to provide an additional angle for defenders to clear. At the same time, Dish has also been reworked.

B Site

The spot where players jump to get onto the B site platform was changed to a ramp to make moving around the space more straightforward.

B Generator

The gap between B Generator and the wall across it was narrowed to make smoking the spot easier. A small corner was also removed to simplify attempts to re-clear the site.

Defender Spawn

The small cubby area at Defender Spawn was also removed to simplify the B site retake. Before this, defenders rotating through spawn had to worry about a lurker in the cubby, in addition to any attackers who might be holding from Ropes.

This reduces the number of angles they have to clear, so engagements in this area should feel more balanced.

A Halls

The area in A Halls where the ultimate orb sits was widened, thanks to another corner being removed. Overall, this simplifies the space further, improving movement through the area.

A Site

The box on the second floor of A site was moved into the corner. This makes it easier to clear the top of site from the stairs, as attackers will not have to expose themselves to A Link to check behind the box.

A Dish

There is now only one path through A Dish, making it easier to move through this area for both sides. According to community lead Jeff Landa, controlling both paths simultaneously was unnecessarily difficult for all.

“The team hopes the changes here and on A Drop will encourage everyone to use this route more often,” said Landa.

However, the new layout does appear to hand a slight advantage to defenders, especially on agents like Chamber.

A Drop

It’s now a lot less dangerous to exit A Drop. A new pocket provides cover for attackers dropping down, where they will no longer be exposed to defenders holding A site and A Link.

However, they’ll still need to be wary of being flushed out of the corner by enemy utility such as mollies and grenades. 

A Rope

A Rope had been a little too easy for attackers to control with a single smoke. The addition of a small ledge or rafter area allows defenders to peek into A site even when Rope has been smoked off, giving defenders more options for both the initial hold and retaking A.

The new Fracture feels far more balanced than before. Despite the multiple pathways onto both sites, certain routes had felt less popular, such as A Dish and B Arcade. The changes should now give attackers more reason to use all of them, while defenders are encouraged to more actively contest the neutral space on the map to avoid getting pinched.

Check out the complete list of changes to Fracture and other updates in Valorant patch 5.07 here.

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