OpTic Gaming leave competitive Apex Legends

Apex Legends is set to lose OpTic Gaming, a team that has participated in the game’s competitive scene for two years and was due to play in ALGS Year 4.

The breaching point came when the OpTic Gaming team of Knoqd, Dropped, and Skittlecakes did not make the cut for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles. This spurred OpTic Gaming’s decision to disconnect from the ALGS circuit.

The downturn of OpTic Gaming in Apex Legends

The team’s departure signifies a disappointing change in their Apex Legends journey. Once potent contenders, they had a strong run at the ALGS Championship in Birmingham, falling just short of victory. They garnered more points than the champion team, TSM, but couldn’t realize a match point win.

The OpTic Gaming Apex team showed promising signs of progress at the Split 2 Playoffs and Split 2 Pro League. Regrettably, their peak in the ALGS competition ended there.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady

The team was heavily impacted by the game changes to Storm Point and other shifts in game meta, resulting in OpTic’s performance dwindling. Their struggles were evident in their 14th positioning in the Pro League split, a first-time failure since Dropped joined the line-up.

There were indications of OpTic Gaming wavering in their ALGS engagement. They couldn’t sign coach iShiny reportedly due to financial constraints, who subsequently joined Cloud 9.

OpTic’s strong footprint in North American esports

Despite recent unfavourable outcomes, OpTic Gaming’s influence in the ALGS circuit should not be forgotten. The team created several memorable moments, winning the 2022 JBL Quantum Cup and the Code: Red Freedom Season 1 finals.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady

OpTic Gaming’s exit despite affiliation with ALGS

Dropped announced the team’s exit from the Apex Legends competitive scene on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The news was unexpected, given OpTic Gaming’s status as an ALGS partner team. The partnership offered financial and other benefits, setting an expectation of participation in the full season. At this point, it remains uncertain whether a different organization will be invited to take their place.

Further choices that Dropped, Skittlecakes, and Knoqd will make about their future competitions are also unclear at this point.

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