Ryan Garcia’s fight week told in 20 social media posts

1) April 14: “I’ve seen the worst things in life and yall don’t care, at all. It’s sad to see what people do to people that are going thru a situation where it’s unmatched. You wouldn’t be the same if you saw what I saw I’m crying.”

2) April 14: “I never kissed a man in my life.”

3) April 14: “No one cares kids are being eaten and im crazy???? Nah.”

4) April 14: “My mission is different imhere to save kids not followers remember that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

5) April 15: “BREAKING MEWS. SNOKE WEED TO GET HIGH. It really works. I’m high asf allegedly. Passed every drug test but IM HIGH.”

6) April 15: “I will stop posting if this gets 1 million likes.”

7) April 15: “If you or someone has dementia I advise you to drink wine. Pray to the Lord as best as you can. And smoke weed and do it to the point of exhaustion. And then make sure you caffeine intake is high. And THEN SMOKE MORE WEED AND YOU WILL BE BROUGHT BACK. Desperate times call for desperate measures. All good if you don’t want to try this.”

8) April 15: “FAST FOR 3 1/2 days. Water all black coffee. Cancer will start to Fall off. Trust me.”

9) April 15: “I will Delete Haney in the second round. After I allow him to survive the first and then look at his dad in his eyes. And say save your son so he can enjoy some of his money. We will see how much he loves his son.”

10) April 15: “I want live reactions to what you are about to witness. I need to see all the faces who decided to bet against. And then of course the faces who believed. JESUS IS KING OF KINGS. LORD OF LORDS.”

Haney and Garcia (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)

11) April 16: Ion really care if they only one person in that building come Saturday I have one mission. DELETE THE DEVIL.

12) April 16: Is there is any reason to come to the fight. It’s going to be bc there will be so many beautiful woman at my fight.

13) April 16: Bruce Lee WASS GOOD. “Play hit em up”. TUPAC IS ALIVE AND WELL. Puerto Rico he’s chilling.

14) April 16: Just got cleared from the commission to fight after the evaluation and drug test. LETS GO!! I’m so happy. THANK YOU JESUS.

15) April 16: Devin touched me without my consent im suing him for putting his hands on me. And I Identify as a woman. So he touched me as a Grown man and hit a Grown woman. And I’m lgbtq+. So now it’s a hate crime. Nah this is SO FUCKED UP.

16) April 16: Throwing first pitch and it will be measured at 100mph and I might curve that hoe.16) April 16: I showed proof I’m not on drugs. I been mentally evaluated and everything is good. Yet they still claim I do??? Pretty weird.

17) April 17: Just look up Reddit for mlb dark secrets. And it’s not for the feint of heart. I Don’t think Elon letting me post that.

18) April 17: Jesus walks on water. People of today would be like “That’s bc he can’t swim”.

19) April 17: Ok hypothetically, hear me out. Jon Jones vs Ryan Garcia. We are both coked out. WHO WINS????

20) Joe Biden is walking out Haney wtf.

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