Yesports Launches the Largest Esports Marketplace for Gaming Expansion into Web3

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Yesports announces the launch of its premier esports marketplace, opening with a Debut Trading Competition to kickstart the action with its global community. Joined by more than 40 web3 gaming partners and over a dozen esports organizations with a collective following of more than 30 million fans, Yesports sparks confidence and ignites change across the esports industry through the launch of its new marketplace.

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The Yesports marketplace is a gateway for esports teams and web3 game partners to connect with their loyal community and global fans. Built on a non-custodial platform powered by web3, the new Yesports marketplace offers a point of difference and value for organizations and games to seamlessly launch, list, and promote their digital products. These range from in-game items and accessories to gaming collectibles, platform passes, and memberships.

Top tier web3 games have joined in partnership with Yesports for the debut launch including Pegaxy, Planet IX, ZedRun, Mystic Treasure, My Meta Farm, DexioProtocol, Planet Mojo, Fabwelt Studios, Shatterpoint, Decentral Games, Alaska Gold Rush, Skyweaver, Outlaws Brawl, Gunfire, Mighty Bear Games and MyMetaSoccer. From March 21st to May 21st, 2023, Yesports will be hosting a Trading Competition offering $8000 in prizes like NFT Packs from participating partners, USDC, and more.

Sebastian Quinn, CEO and Founder of Yesports, says,

“Our launch of the first and largest cross-industry collaborative marketplace on Polygon represents a major milestone for the gaming and web3 industry. It is also a significant step forward in providing fans with a seamless, secure and fun way to engage with their favorite esports teams.”

“Our team remains focused on driving industry change through cutting-edge tech products that allow for easy and impactful product collaboration with leading partners across web2 gaming and esports and web3 gaming. As thought leaders, we spark conversations that drive change and explore opportunities that deliver impact and boost fun for all those who experience Yesports. We are gratified to see our platform changing the way fans engage with web3 games and beyond, and the marketplace serves as the first portal for esports and web3 gaming communities.” 

Yesports harnesses the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders and founders from esports and web3 games through monthly Convergence 2023 events. Together with gaming partners in web3, Yesports paves the way forward, enabling the expansion of esports and evolving the fan experience into a brand new era.

Yesports is disrupting the traditional gaming world and democratizing the industry in its mission to deliver complete, user-friendly experiences and bridge the gap between gaming, fans, and web3. Bringing entertainment and access closer to the user, Yesports is leading the way in creating a more inclusive gaming world leveraging new technology. Backed by leading VCs and built with world-leading technology, Yesports is focused on delivering the most valuable digital products for gamers everywhere.

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