When do you receive your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition bonuses?

FIFA 23 is nearly here, and it’s already here for many people that have entered the game’s early access period. Some people have also managed to get into the game early via the New Zealand trick, which allows players on certain platforms to change the region of their console to trick their system into releasing the game according to New Zealand time, as opposed to the time zone the player is actually in.

It’s a useful glitch that players can use to get into the game early, but it also comes with a bit of a drawback for those players that spent some extra money on certain pre-order editions that come with extra bonuses.

One of FIFA’s most popular modes over the past several iterations of the game has been FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). With players dropping serious money on buying packs of digital cards, hoping for a rare top player card to add to their team. Many players opted to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 specifically due to the FUT bonuses contained in the edition, offering players 4,600 FIFA points. Those points can be used for various things in FUT, like buying packs.

Several players that have already gotten into FIFA 23 via the New Zealand trick have noted they haven’t received those bonuses from their pre-order yet, leading many to question when, exactly, they will have access to those FIFA points.

When do I get my 4,600 FIFA points from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition?

While players can use the New Zealand trick to get into the game early, it looks like the Ultimate Edition bonuses are still tied to the region in which they originally pre-ordered their copy of FIFA 23. That means that players will have to just wait for midnight local time on Sept. 27 to get the bonuses that are due to come to them from the Ultimate Edition.

In addition to the FIFA points, players should also receive other bonuses from pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition at this time as well.

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