The Beltline: The Expectation vs. Reality of both watching big fights and covering them

While either watching or covering a sport, it is often more important to understand the intricacies of one particular matchup – Expectation vs. Reality – than to analyze matchups between two boxers. In boxing, mismatches are common, but sometimes reality surpasses expectations, resulting in unexpected upsets. This was the case with Naoya Inoue and Terence Crawford, who delivered exceptional performances that exceeded expectations. Despite initial hopes for competitive fights, Inoue and Crawford blew away their opponents, Stephen Fulton and Errol Spence, respectively, with near-perfect performances. The fights did not go as expected, but the dazzling display from the victors left no room for complaints.

In Las Vegas, there were subtle indicators of Expectation vs. Reality throughout the week. During the pre-fight weigh-in, Terence Crawford’s sons playfully punched a security guard’s hands, causing him physical discomfort, challenging his initial expectation of a harmless game. The fierce competitiveness exhibited by Crawford’s team members also hinted at a different reality than anticipated.

There were also rumors that rapper Eminem would perform with Crawford, but it turned out to be only an introduction, showing that reality often diverges from expectations in boxing. The author’s experience of finding a seat at the T-Mobile Arena, far from the action, reinforced the notion that assumptions in boxing can lead to disappointment.

Throughout the week, the author noticed a growing sense that the media had become mere names on a long list, with only those possessing big cameras and minimal shame and self-awareness being prioritized. This was exemplified when YouTubers swarmed Crawford after the press conference, relegating traditional media to a vague area. This trend continued on fight night when the author found themselves in an obstructed view, unable to work effectively. With too much content being produced and little time or interest in consuming it, being a content creator began to feel insignificant.

However, Terence Crawford’s outstanding performance in the main event made the author forget their frustrations and appreciate the artistry of the sport. It reminded them of their passion for boxing and the belief that its participants deserve better coverage than superficial tweets and hot takes.

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