Warzone streamer accused of hacking has allegedly been shadow banned

Twitch streamer Nadia has allegedly been shadow banned from Call of Duty Warzone. While not kicking her off the game, Nadia is still allowed to play the game while her account is under review for potential cheating. Nadia’s alleged shadow ban comes days into her ongoing conflict with fellow Call of Duty streamer Censor, who similarly accused the content creator of cheating at the CoD Next event.

Conflict within the Call of Duty community broke out after Censor, an aspiring Call of Duty League player, crafted a list of alleged cheaters in Warzone. Censor’s list included popular Twitch streamer Nadia, who was accused of hacking at the CoD Next event, although the origins of this rumor were found to be a joke.

The two creators continued to clash over the issue of supposed cheating, though it culminated in a video by Censor jokingly proposing to Nadia. After Nadia rejected Censor’s proposal, the conflict appeared to subside for some time, but discussion quickly reignited as Nadia claimed she was shadow banned on an Oct. 4 livestream.

Dropping into a Warzone lobby, Nadia suddenly said that she believes she had been shadow banned from the game. It is unclear exactly how Nadia came to this supposed realization, but she appeared to confirm this after seeing that she was ineligible to appeal the ban as her games were under review.

Being shadow banned for Warzone does not prevent players from entering lobbies, but it groups suspected players into a separate pool of players away from normal servers. While Nadia is still able to play Warzone, the overall quality of games could drastically decrease as she could be in-game with other hackers or cheaters.

The reason behind Nadia’s apparent shadow ban has not yet been confirmed. While the streamer could have been placed under review due to recent allegations, it is also entirely possible that the streamer was automatically been labeled as a suspect as Nadia has played Warzone from five different locations over the past week. Streaming from the TSM, FaZe, Nuke Squad, and Full Squad gaming houses and offices, Warzone’s anti-cheat may have automatically flagged Nadia as using a VPN or any similar software.

Nadia’s account remains under review.

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