Valorant team forfeits league match as player is too busy playing Honkai Star Rail

Published: 2023-05-04T14:46:31

Updated: 2023-05-04T15:50:42

For what is certainly a first in Valorant esports, a team had to forfeit a VCL match as one of their players was too busy playing Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail has been a massive success since its release, surpassing Genshin Impact with 20 million downloads in one day. The Gacha game has got many hooked already, including a Valorant player who failed to show up for an official VCL match because of miHoYo’s title.

This incident occurred in the Valorant Challengers League Taiwan/Hong Kong. The match between S2 Esports and Ghost CommandoS, on May 2, was forfeited by the latter as one of their players was totally distracted by Honkai Star Rail.

As a result, the VCT client was not installed in time, and the match ended in a forfeit for Ghost CommandoS.

The community reaction, as you might expect, was generally one of dismay, although some could actually relate to the player’s undivided attention to Honkai

“I don’t blame them,” one fan said. Another followed suit and tweeted, “LMAO 3D waifus take over.”

However, some did raise concerns, such as why they needed to “install the VCT client again, in the middle of the regular season?”

The explanation, apparently, is because “they use 3 different clients, swapping between them weekly, this week there was an update to the first one we used to include Bind and the new skin set basically making it close to the latest release, and the update was basically the size of a normal client.”

S2 Esports and Ghost CommandoS finished sixth and eighth in this Challengers League Taiwan/Hong Kong season. They just need to ensure to install the client before the next season commences.

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