VALORANT players beg Riot to add simple League feature

VALORANT has seen a lot of changes in recent patches, with an updated UX system, new agents, and map changes, so there’s only so much they can implement. 

Other esport titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike have given fans the ability to accept a game when the prompt appears on their screen, however, VALORANT has cut out the middle-man and thrown players into a game since its arrival.

This can lead to a lot of frustrating situations where players get bans for not choosing characters, which wastes their time and all the players in the lobby’s time as well.

The community discussed the issue on the VALORANT subreddit, with players asking “Why there is no “accept” or “decline” button on VALORANT’s queue?”

The community compared it to other titles, including Riot’s flagship title League, pointing out there are several other issues involving “matches, being able to see recent players profiles, rewatching recent games/breakdown of stats.”

There’s already a long queue to get into the matches themselves. VALORANT makes players wait up to 60 seconds to pick their agents, and with another queue to accept, it would add more delay to matches, meaning “It makes sense” to have the matches start immediately.

Some players have strong opinions about the feature, saying “I hope they never add it to VALORANT.

It’s typically a useful feature that prevents players from losing RR points due to being AFK. If Riot implements the feature, it’ll be a barrier to stop your duo from getting you into a VALORANT match without you realizing it. 

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