Valkyrae responds to those speculating about her exit from 100 Thieves

Rachell “Valkyrae”, a well-known personality on YouTube, addressed rumors regarding her possible departure from 100 Thieves on a livestream aired on December 10, 2023. “Ludwig” Ahgren, a fellow YouTuber, asked why she deleted the 100 Thieves tag from her socials during the session.

Valkyrae, based in Los Angeles, disclosed that she had been advertising her product line, and once that campaign was finished, she would re-add the esports team’s tag to her profile. She accentuated her continued affiliation with 100 Thieves with a hearty laugh.

Her statement on the stream was:

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“I remain a part of 100T. I still have an ownership stake in 100T. To market my merchandise, which is launching in three days, I had to remove it from my bio.”

Valkyrae laughs off fans’ speculation about her leaving 100 Thieves: “No 100T in bio (with) eye emojis”

Valkyrae noticed Ludwig’s query about the removal of the 100 Thieves tag from her social media handles during the recent livestream’s Just Chatting segment. As she read out Ludwig’s messages to her audience, she said:

Ludwig just messaged me, questioning why there’s ‘No 100T in bio?’ It’s all because of my merch promotion. It’ll be back post-launch.”

The former Twitch streamer found humor in this and reaffirmed her co-ownership stake in the California-based organization, adding:

“He texted, ‘No 100T in bio with eye emojis.’ That really tickled me! Let’s focus now, no more distractions.”

“Something’s definitely happening” – Audience Response to Valkyrae Addressing Speculation About Her Departure from 100 Thieves

Valkyrae’s response featured in a tweet by renowned esports personality Hunter (@HUN2R) has gained significant engagement. He also pointed out that Matthew “Nadeshot”, the founder of 100 Thieves, seems to have removed the “100T” tag from his social media bio:

Esports personality @HUN2R’s tweet featuring the YouTube streamer. (Image via @HUN2R/X)

X user @FractalTV commented in jest, remarking that “98 Thieves doesn’t have the same ring to it”:

X user @FractalTV’s tweet. (Image via @HUN2R/X)

An internet user expressed their confusion over the identity of those who started the speculation about the streamer’s exit from 100 Thieves:

X user @BrendanMortimer’s tweet. (Image via @HUN2R/X)

Replying, @ohheyitsvegas alleged that discussions about the subject were taking place on the official subreddit of 100 Thieves:

X user @ohheyitsvegas’s response. (Image via @HUN2R/X)

Meanwhile, another fan responded:

“I wonder what Matt is promoting? There’s definitely something brewing. They’re just not at liberty to discuss it at the moment.”

X user @liljewyvert’s tweet. (Image via @HUN2R/X)

Valkyrae is one of the most notable content creators on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers on her channel. She frequently collaborates with other popular streamers to play games like Among Us, Suika Game, Fortnite, Lethal Company, among others.