True Gamers unveils project for world’s first esports island

Abu Dhabi is set to become the home of the first esports island in the world, thanks to the developments plans of True Gamers, a global network of esports clubs.

The project valued at over $280 million aims to develop a vibrant ecosystem catering for the growing esports community.

Partnering with gaming collectives such as BetBoom Team,, and Team Spirit, the project aims to provide unique experiences for esports recreation and boot camp events, offering participants a deep dive into professional gaming.

The eSports Island is set to feature a professional training center for top-tier teams, a technologically advanced venue for hosting major gaming tournaments, and dedicated spaces for content production for influencers and game developers.

The project will include a luxury hotel designed around an immersive esports concept.

More than $280 million is being committed to this venture by the company, with ongoing discussions with high-profile investors to obtain further funding.

The investments will extend to purchasing a private island and creating unique experiences like check-ins inspired by PUBG’s parachute jump in an effort to offer an unmatched guest experience.

The project also envisions establishing esports camps for kids, nurturing the future generation of gamers.

“We are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience for everyone – from amateur players to professional gamers,” said True Gamers’ CPO and co-founder, Vlad Belyanin.

“We envision eSports Island as a game-changer in the entertainment sector, providing the perfect mix of competitive gaming and relaxation,”

 Island Infrastructure

The island’s infrastructure, designed by a team of architects led by True Gamers, promises a wide range of facilities tailored to various needs.

The Digital Tower will provide unique opportunities for partnerships, the hosting of grand esports events, and fostering an environment conducive to growth.

The TG Arena, a state-of-the-art facility for hosting international esports tournaments, digital exhibitions, and large conferences is planned here.

The locale includes specialized areas like a computer club with 100 high-end PCs, a car simulator area with 20 platforms, a console zone with 20 PS consoles, and a fully equipped streaming area.

The GG Resort promises a premium stay for all. It features 200 luxurious rooms fitted with high-end computers for the ultimate gaming experience. Guests have the luxury of a spa, pool, and pristine beaches at their disposal.

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