Lawrence Okolie is back at bridgerweight

It has long been expected that Lawrence Okolie would eventually move up from cruiserweight to seek success in a different weight class. However, few could have predicted that he would make the jump to bridgerweight.

On May 24 in Poland, Okolie will challenge Lukasz Rozanski for the WBC bridgerweight title. If he emerges victorious, he will become a two-weight world champion, adding the WBC bridgerweight belt to his collection alongside the WBO belt he won as a cruiserweight. While many anticipated Okolie moving up to compete for a second world title, they likely envisioned it happening in the heavyweight division rather than bridgerweight, a division with less history and competition.

For Okolie, with a record of 19-1 (14), this could be a strategic move. After struggling in a recent bout against Chris Billam-Smith, Okolie may find more success in bridgerweight where he will face more manageable opponents and have the opportunity to secure another title. While this move may not bring in significant money or attention, it could serve as a stepping stone towards future decisions, whether that be a return to cruiserweight or a further move up to heavyweight.

Additionally, Lukasz Rozanski, Okolie’s opponent, may not be a top-tier fighter, but he is currently on a 15-fight winning streak and has recently defeated notable opponents in quick fashion. Despite Rozanski’s age of 38 and lack of experience fighting outside of Poland, the matchup still presents an intriguing challenge for Okolie.

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