True Gamers announce eSports Island project in Abu Dhabi

In the face of an eSports industry downturn globally, the Middle East remains resolute with offerings that could transform gaming as we know it. True Gamers, a key participant in the regional gaming scene, has revealed plans to build the first-ever eSports island in Abu Dhabi. This development represents a big step towards positioning the country as a significant contributor to the global sphere of eSports.

As per data provided by BCG, in the Middle East, over 60% of the population are gamers. Thus, the decision to create an eSports Island couldn’t have come at a better time, as the sector experiences growth amidst broader global issues. This move by True Gamers underlines the region’s drive to foster local abilities and woo international behemoths of the gaming world.

The project, which carries an estimated cost of $280 million USD, seeks to position Abu Dhabi as a go-to place for eSports fanatics across the globe. Nestled between Al Bandar and Al Dana developments along the Al Raha Beach, it is expected the eSports Island will quickly turn into a hotspot for gaming aficionados.

Upon finalization, the island is predicted to have a total worth of $1 billion USD and includes infrastructure specially designed to meet the requirements of professional gamers. The island also proposes unique features, including a hotel, competition venues, training spaces, such as the GG Bootcamp, and content creation areas.

True Gamers Arena, designed to host conferences, exhibitions, and tournaments, has provisions for both console and PC gamers, as well as a streaming section for content creators. Adding to the appeal of the arena is the GG Resort, offering 200 rooms equipped with gaming computers, thus ensuring visitor convenience.

The GG Bootcamp, a space appointed with gaming PCs, analysis tools, and designated rest areas, seeks to offer a conducive environment for gamers to elevate their abilities and plan their strategies. Plus, they will have a nutrition program available to ensure optimal performance during gaming sessions.

As detailed by Hypebeast, Anton Vasilenko, True Gamers’ CEO and co-founder, emphasized the careful planning behind the eSports island project in a statement, citing the market analysis of the eSports field in the MENA region and its growth direction. Vasilenko expressed a strong belief in the intended business model, highlighting its potential.

True Gamers’ unveiling of the design for the first eSports island in Abu Dhabi serves as a sign of progress for the Middle East’s gaming industry. With True Gamers leading this initiative, the region is prepared to make its mark on the world of competitive gaming.

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