Ben Shalom on Adam Azim vacating his European title, Buatsi-Yarde, Wardley-Clarke rematch and more

BN: Fans would want to know why Adam Azim has vacated his European title instead of facing Dalton Smith. What’s your response?

Shalom: It was a tough decision, but we had to consider all options. Harlem Eubank was one of those options.

In his career, most people in the boxing community would understand that the Dalton Smith fight didn’t align with Adam’s current career stage. From financial perspectives to development opportunities, it just didn’t make sense. There were more appealing options available. Our priority is Adam’s growth, and facing an unbeaten Eubank presents a significant opportunity.

Harlem Eubank has made a strong impact in recent years, and this fight is crucial for both him and Adam. We believe it’s the right step for Adam at this point. The success of the Fabio Wardley-Frazer Clarke bout showed me that timing is key in making fights bigger. Adam is only 21, and our focus is on his long-term development rather than short-term gains.

BN: Will Azim-Eubank be a main event or feature on an undercard?

Shalom: We are still assessing that. The fight will take place in early summer, and we are currently exploring venue options. An announcement is expected in the coming week.

BN: Any news on the Chris Billam-Smith vs. Richard Riakporhe rematch?

Shalom: We have finalized a date and will confirm the venue next week. Everything is set for this highly anticipated rematch.

BN: Is Joshua Buatsi vs. Anthony Yarde going to happen?

Shalom: We believe it will happen. All preparations are in place, and we are awaiting final agreements from Anthony. The fight is expected to take place this summer.

BN: Would you like to see a Wardley-Clarke rematch or something less demanding for them first after their intense battle?

Shalom: Given the unique nature of their bout, there is merit in considering their recovery needs before a rematch. While a rematch is highly desired, we must also prioritize the fighters’ well-being and timing for such an intense fight.

Both fighters put on a memorable performance, and a rematch would generate significant interest and revenue. We need to carefully assess when it’s safe and appropriate for them to face each other again.

BN: Lauren Price’s world title fight against Jessica McCaskill will be shown on BBC Wales in conjunction with Sky. Is that BBC link-up something fans can expect more of in the future or is it a one-off?

Shalom: We see collaboration with BBC as a great opportunity to reach a broader audience and elevate our fighters’ profiles. Lauren Price’s fight is crucial for Welsh boxing, and we aim to replicate the success of this partnership in the future.

We believe in creating superstars by showcasing them to a larger audience. This collaboration with BBC for Lauren Price’s fight is a testament to that strategy.

For now, our focus remains on delivering for our existing stable of talented fighters, but we are open to adding new faces if an exceptional opportunity arises.

We will also keep an eye on Paris 2024, although it may not be as pivotal for us as the Tokyo Games were. If something extraordinary comes up or a standout talent emerges, we will definitely consider expanding our roster.

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