Toxic fandom should have no space in esports

There should be no room for toxic fandom in esports or any other platform.

Within the Esports community and other competitive scenes, it’s critical to curb the negativity and hatred. A community should be characterized by unyielding support. Fans may only see the glamour and fame from the outside, but there’s a lot hidden behind the scenes.

In this age of freedom of speech, it’s crucial to be respectful and considerate when expressing opinions. The individuals involved in Esports – whether they are players, managers, coaches, staff, casters, or fans – are not perfect. They are human beings striving to deliver their best to their audience.

One instance is Bridgitte “Brigida” Ramos’s mistake after ECHO’s victory against RSG Philippines in the lower bracket semi-finals match. She inaccurately announced that the Orcas secured their M5 World Championship slot even though a rematch against Blacklist International was imminent.

Drawing from this, it’s vital to understand that mistakes are part and parcel of the human experience and no one can live up to every expectation. These diverse individuals are united in their consistent dedication to their craft.

We often overlook the private battles they endure while maintaining their professional demeanor in front of the cameras and fans. Yet, they too grapple with emotional and mental challenges that anyone may experience. They are not immune to the pressures and difficulties associated with their commitment to Esports.

It’s entirely unreasonable for anyone to direct harsh words at individuals just doing their jobs. After all, expecting perfection all the time is unrealistic.

Take the instance of ECHO’s Country Manager, Mitch Liwanag, who received horrendous death threats from fans demanding Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera replace Jaypee “JayPee” Dela Cruz.


Fans are completely uninformed about the internal dynamics between ECHO’s players, and how these dynamics led to Yawi’s benching for most of the regular season and the MPL-PH Season 12 playoffs. Death threats are never acceptable in any circumstance and should be condemned.

While we have the right to voice our opinions and criticize faults, we must always consider the feelings of others. The individuals bearing the brunt of harsh criticism and online harassment are human beings with feelings just like ours.

Offering support, understanding, and constructive feedback to all those involved in Esports contributes positively to the community. Only by doing so can we ensure a non-toxic environment.

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