5 Best Football Scholarships in Europe 2022/2023 and How to Apply

Let talk about 5 Best Football Scholarships in Europe. In Europe, most of their major revenue comes from soccer competitions at a different level. This means universities and colleges integrate soccer or football into their curriculum. In this article, we would be looking at some of the best football Scholarships in Europe.

Scholarships in Europe are available at all levels such as the undergraduate, college, and postgraduate levels. These football scholarships are a way in which students can pay off their school fees.

Without any further delay, below are some of the best football scholarships in Europe for the year 2022.

This scholarship called “Your Chance Scholarship” offers students the chance to pay off their school fees on a yearly basis. The academy is interested in highly talented students in football with the hope and dream of playing professionally.

Each student must be able to demonstrate a financial need to study at a university in Europe. In 2015, the MSM International Football Academy gave a unique chance for talented and professional players to come and apply for a chance to play and study in Europe.

Your Chance scholarship is available to international students willing to study in Europe and they are provided with a grant to cover their tuition expense. Students are required to study Czech and English language studies among other courses.

They would also provide each student with a free membership in the Czech football club to students. Click here to Apply.

This football scholarship is provided by the National University of Ireland and is available to both male and female students.

Each student that passes all trials and tests is provided with coaching and guidance to help them become great football players. The University doesn’t offer a fully-funded scholarship but provides reduced educational and sports-related costs for qualified students.

At the end of each year, students are selected to play in specific football competitions. The Scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate students and both local and international students can apply for this competition.

Visit their official website to begin your application process for the 2022/2023 session.

BU Sport Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Bournemouth University. Prospective students seeking scholarships at the Bournemouth University must demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and professionalism.

This scholarship is offered to both undergraduates and graduate degree programs. It was established to develop each student’s football ability and also take them to the highest level of professionalism in the sport.

Students offered this scholarship must represent BU in the BUCS league as well as themselves and their clubs at all levels.

Scholarships are available to only UK/EU applicants and range from $650 to $6500 for coaching, equipment, competition entry fees, and travel expenses.

To apply, visit their official website for more information and requirements.

The Newcastle University Sports Scholarship is organized by the Center for Physical Recreation and Sports and it is available to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

This scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis and the Newcastle University sports scholarship covers all kinds of sports activities in the university including football. All participants must display current and previous football achievements in their area of specialization.

They should be willing to commit to learning and adapting to whatever position is being introduced to them.

Individuals who are part of the National Governing Body (NGB) performance squads will also be considered. The scholarship is worth a maximum amount of $12,000 or its equivalent in EURO.

The UCLAN Women’s Football scholarship is provided by the University of Central Lancashire for female students who are interested in football. It prides itself on supporting individual and team performances in sports.

Participants for this scholarship should be attached to a recognized Centre of Excellence and they should already be playing at either a county, regional or national level. There are two levels of scholarship available to females, which are:

  • Excellence in Sports Award: for county and regional representatives performers
  • Elite Sports Performance Award: for National representative performers

The UCLAN Women’s football Scholarship is available to only undergraduate programs. Visit their official website to apply.

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