The world’s first eSports Olympics

During the 141st Committee session opening ceremony in Mumbai, India, IOC President Thomas Bach announced that The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is considering developing Olympic Games dedicated to esports.

Bach highlighted that there are currently 3 billion global videogame players, and it is believed by the IOC that over 500 million of these gamers have a significant interest in esports, which encompasses virtual sports and sport simulations. People under 34 years of age constitute the majority of these gamers, according to Bach.

The Newly formed IOC esports department has my permission to explore the development of Olympic Games for esports, announced the Committee President.

Esports and the Olympic Games

Since 2018, esports has been accepted and included by the IOC. By their president’s admission, the Committee follows a path that engages with the esports world, while still preserving the time-honored values that have been their compass for more than a hundred years.

“Our values in relation to esports are steadfast and non-negotiable. This stance has led to increasing respect from the esports community. To align with our Olympic values, one of the primary games publishers has even amended their popular game so players target objects rather than other players.”

In the wake of the Cyber Sport Forum which took place in Lausanne in 2018, the IOC founded the Esports Liaison Group. This enables them to communicate and build relationships with everyone involved in the esports scene. In 2021, the Committee initiated the Olympic Esports Series, marking the IOC’s innovative endeavour in the esports industry.

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