The Making of a Machine: What makes Artur Beterbiev so special?

John Scully, assistant trainer to Artur Beterbiev, sheds light on what sets the light-heavyweight champion apart as he gears up for a clash with Dmitry Bivol – and reveals a surprising side to him outside the ring…

BN: Are preparations underway for the June 1 fight against Dmitry Bivol?

JS: Artur always maintains his fitness levels, so there’s no need to get him into shape when he enters camp. He’s always in good condition, showcasing his professionalism and dedication.

BN: With Beterbiev being such a well-rounded fighter, what more can be taught to him?

JS: We focus on fine-tuning his skills and adding new elements to his repertoire. Despite his prowess, there’s always room for improvement and growth.

BN: What’s the key to his success at 39?

JS: His unparalleled commitment to training and discipline sets him apart. He puts his heart and soul into his preparations.

BN: As a former light-heavyweight, how would you have tackled Beterbiev?

JS: Given his strength and background as an amateur heavyweight, facing him would have been a significant challenge for me. I might have had to drop down to a lower weight class to compete against him.

BN: Thoughts on Bivol?

JS: Applying relentless pressure on him seems to be the most viable strategy. While boxing him may yield some success, it requires exceptional skill and patience.

Artur Beterbiev and Dmitry Bivol

BN: How did the controversy around the test result affect Beterbiev’s mindset before fighting Callum Smith?

JS: Artur remains unfazed by external factors and maintains focus on his goals. The test result controversy did not phase him in the slightest.

BN: What is Beterbiev’s greatest strength?

JS: Alongside his exceptional boxing skills and power, his mental fortitude stands out. His unwavering determination and focus are unmatched.

BN: How does Beterbiev evolve mentally throughout camp?

JS: Artur shows consistent improvement throughout training camp, constantly upgrading his skills. His dedication to growth and development is remarkable.

Any fluctuations are merely part of the training process, leading to peak performance at the right time.

BN: What is Beterbiev like as a person?

JS: Despite his intimidating image in the ring, Artur is a smart and humorous individual. He surprises with his dry wit and can be quite entertaining to interact with.

BN: Can you share any funny moments with Beterbiev?

JS: One memorable moment was when he jokingly pointed out the consequences of utilizing more power in his left hook during sparring. Another instance was when he humorously avoided boxing conversations after a long day of training.

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