Insurance for gamers? FWD has a tailored plan for you

A leading global life insurance provider has ventured into the gaming and esports industry.

FWD, a premier life insurance firm, has collaborated with Moonton Games for the ongoing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 12 (MPL PH Season 12).

In line with the partnership, the firm launched a new insurance product, specifically designed for gamers.

MLBB fans get a special insurance product from FWD

Credit: Moonton Games

The insurance giant has launched ‘The One for gamers’, a special product aimed at gamers.

‘The One for gamers’ offers comprehensive life, severe illness, and accident coverage along with in-game Mobile Legends rewards within 20 days of purchase.

The product’s annual premium starts at PHP330 and can be modified according to your specific requirements.

Roche Vandenberghe, the Philippines Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer at FWD, revealed that the firm is keen on supporting the gaming community.

Credit: FWD Insurance

“We aim to play a supportive role in gamers’ lives by acting as their expert wingman and empowering them to convert challenges into wins,” he stated.

You can learn more about the new insurance policy on the company’s website.

The MPL PH Season 12 playoffs are scheduled for October 25-29. The grand finals’ winners will earn a spot at the M5 World Championship.

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