The Guard lets go of “everyone” in massive Esports staff member layoffs

Published: 2023-02-22T23:44:24

Updated: 2023-02-22T23:44:33

Esports giant The Guard has just laid off various positions in their creative division with an uncertain future for their teams as the organization takes a massive hit.

2023 has been predicted to be a rough year for the gaming industry and in particular, the Esports brand. And so far it, it has shown itself to be incredibly rocky. With 10,000 employees let without a job across Microsoft-owned studios to esports giants 100 Thieves and OpTic laying off dozens of staff members. 

Now however, The Guard has followed suit as multiple ex-employees of the esports org have just announced they were laid off.

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Many of the employees let go were part of their creative and production teams. Generally in charge of the behind the scenes work which we don’t see. It is unsure how the layoffs will affect their teams. 

The Guard lays offs thousands of staff in shocking blow

Currently the org fields a Valorant team in ascension, a Apex Legends roster, owns the LA Gladiators in the Overwatch League and the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the Call of Duty League. 

Former producer for The Guard, Hunter, was part of the layoff. He announced on his Twitter that the org had just laid off their entire content, social, talent and creative teams. Even posting a selfie with the entire team right before they were given the news

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Former apparel designer for the org, Carlie Kay, was one of the first people to announce they were laying off staff. Her tweet read, “As of today everyone’s position at The Guard has been eliminated.”

The org can be seen still hiring people until recently, with Mavriq announcing joined The Guard as a short-form producer in February 12 2023, only to be laid off in the recent wave. 

Smilarly, Ariel Ben-Abraham who moved to Los Angeles just to work for the org was also laid off.

The layoffs took everyone in the esports industry by surprise as the org is backed by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, one of the largest sports companies in the world. 

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The Guard is yet to address the layoffs publicly but we’ll be sure to keep you updateed here with any changes in the coming hours. 

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