The Finals is ‘too much’ for Call of Duty players says esports pro

 The Finals has made a significant impact on the gaming world, amassing ten million users within just two weeks after its release. But esports experts suggest that Call of Duty enthusiasts who are considering switching games might face some challenges as The Finals could be a bit complex for their ‘COD brain’.

If you are an avid Call of Duty player seeking a change or considering experimenting with a new FPS game, The Finals could seem compelling. Along with offering an engaging, free-to-play multiplayer shooter experience, it also features an array of unique weapons, and comes with a substantial active player base.

However, the transition might not be as smooth as you think. Despite its issues (as mentioned in our COD: Modern Warfare 3 review), esports professional Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek forewarns Call of Duty gamers about the impending challenges they might encounter on transitioning to The Finals.

As cited by The Loadout, during a Twitch chat, he mentioned a significant learning curve that exists between Cod and The Finals, indicating that players might face some stumbling blocks while adjusting to this new game.

@clipthatbroski Check out Shroud’s candid opinion on The Finals. What’s your take on it? #fyp #clipthatbroski #thefinals ♬ Moonlit – VØJ & Narvent

The CS: GO and Valorant pro, shroud, who also streams The Finals regularly, pointed out that the lack of familiarity with such a game could indeed seem confusing, especially for those who are new to the gaming landscape. He further noted that it’s just the beginning for The Finals.

The relevant clip was further shared on TikTok, leading to various reactions. Besides people criticizing the take as poor, several raised doubts about the lasting popularity of The Finals. One user criticized CoD players for expecting a team deathmatch, while another expressed annoyance over players running haphazardly.

Only the future can reveal if Embark Studios’ free-to-play FPS can retain its active user base. However, if you are contemplating playing The Finals already, check out our list of the most potent weapons in The Finals and our guide to the best settings in the game.

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