The best Valorant Sova lineups for each site on Bind

In Valorant, Sova sets himself apart as one of the best initiators for gathering information and crafting team opportunities.

To aid in competitive play where intel is crucial, we have compiled a guide for Sova lineups for each site on Bind.

Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

We’ve simplified this guide by focusing on both attack and defensive strategies as Sova. The lineups mentioned here can be utilized in various scenarios as needed.

Best Sova lineups for each site on Bind

Bind stands out with its distinct teleporters feature, making both A and B Sites unpredictable. This is where Sova can prove pivotal.

Playing Sova for intel in Valorant offers endless possibilities, which can be overwhelming for both newcomers and veteran players to remember.

Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

As such, this guide hones in on the most practical ones that are also used by many professionals.

Note: All Sova lineups mentioned here have been tested in Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. If the developers decide to make any changes to Bind, these lineups may no longer perform as expected.

Sova Bind lineup: A Site Defense (Bath Intel)

A typical maneuver for Sova mains is quickly deploying a Recon Bolt to scan A Short, due to its proximity to the site. Yet, he also has the ability to deploy his Recon Bolt to the A Bath Entrance and we’ll show you how.

Firstly, head to A Heaven and position yourself perpendicular to the right door beam. Then aim for the twin slanting towers.

Align your crosshair vertically along the left end of the bath’s slanted pillar and at the height of the tallest fort. Approximate the my-challenge of your Recon Bolt shot to two and a half bars and then release.

This will cause it to land directly on the tall wall right behind the A Bath entry. It will reveal any agents in the nearby area or those just teleporting out from B Main.

Sova Bind lineup: A Site Attack (Back A Site Intel)

On Bind, it’s fairly straightforward to gather visual information when penetrating A Site from either Baths or A Short entry points. However, players often rush into the site without fully comprehending who might be hiding there.

Here’s a quick Recon Bolt lineup that gives comprehensive information on the back of A Site while entering from A Short. Position yourself between the benches of A Short with precision.

Then point your crosshair to the corner of the building, fully charge your shot, and release it. Don’t rush this shot to ensure it lands in the intended location.

This bolt will land on the A Heaven outside wall, revealing any nearby enemies. Be aware that any concealed agents will likely attempt to dispose of it quickly.

Sova Bind lineup: B Site Defense (B Long Push Intel)

B Main pushes in early rounds on Bind often pose troubles for many defenders. However, such challenges can be more easily handled with one simple Sova lineup.

First and foremost, position yourself at the B Hall Entrance on the Defender side, positioning yourself near the door beam between two areas. Ensure there are no gaps between you and the beam before aligning your shot.

Next, gaze toward the Garden Door, and align your shot with the yellow corner visible from your standing position. Once ready, charge your shot to three bars and fire the Recon arrow.

This arrow will land near the Garden area in B Long. You can tweak this with one or two bounces to propel the bolt further into the Fountain area.

Sova Bind lineup: B Site Attack (Overall B Site Intel)

While attacking B Site, it’s always beneficial to have full intel on opposing agents. The final Bind lineup perfectly satisfies this requirement in Valorant.

After clearing B Short and Hookah, move to the corner between the B Short Teleporter End and the stack of two boxes. Ensure you’re nestled in the corner without shifting after positioning yourself.

Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Then, looking over the rusty metal wall, point your crosshair at the top-left of the distant building and align it horizontally along the small white spot. Only charge your shot up to one bar and then release.

This will land atop the B Cubby wall and recon most of the site, giving your team abundant intel to work with prior to entering the area.

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