10 talking points from boxing on Easter Sunday

1) Bloody brilliant

Tim Tszyu’s impressive performance the night before seemed to inspire Fabio Wardley during his headline fight with Frazer Clarke. Despite bleeding profusely from a cut on his nose in round two, Wardley showed resilience and determination, refusing to let the injury deter him.

2) Aim higher

Low blows have been a recurring issue for Frazer Clarke, potentially leading to disqualification in past fights. In his recent British title fight against Wardley, a low blow cost him a crucial point, highlighting the need for improvement in this area.

3) That right hand

Fabio Wardley’s powerful right hand was a significant threat to Frazer Clarke during their match. This punch, delivered from multiple angles, posed a serious danger to heavyweights of all experience levels.

4) Through the middle

Despite Fabio Wardley’s vulnerable elbow positioning, Frazer Clarke effectively utilized the uppercut throughout their fight. Clarke’s ability to land this challenging punch with ease showcased his skill and expertise as a heavyweight boxer.

5) Willings and able

Leon Willings, a standout performer in the undercard, displayed resilience and potential in his fight against Ben Whittaker. At just 23 years old, Willings showed determination and intelligence in the ring.

Willings showed no fear in the face of Whittaker (Lawrence Lustig/Boxxer)

6) Class Kongo

Chris Kongo’s strategic victory over Florian Marku showcased his skill and composure in the ring. By sticking to his game plan, Kongo outboxed his opponent over 10 rounds to secure a decisive win.

7) Simpson gets Chelli

Callum Simpson’s dominant win over Dulla Mbabe sets the stage for a potentially exciting match against Zak Chelli. This upcoming fight will provide insight into Simpson’s capabilities and potential in the ring.

8) Babic bump

Alen Babic’s thrilling performances deserve a spot closer to the main event to maximize excitement for the audience. His rugged style, exemplified in the fight against Steve Robinson, would be a welcome addition to the later stages of the event.

9) Azeez wants more

Dan Azeez’s commentary on Ben Whittaker’s win reflects the audience’s desire for entertainment and spectacle in the ring. Azeez’s expectations for dancing and humiliation add an intriguing element to future fights.

10) A bit premature

The premature announcement of a potential fight between Adam Azim and Harlem Eubank, with their famous fathers present, felt slightly odd without an official agreement in place. This anticipation for the match could have been better timed.

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