The 3 best heroes to counter Fanny in Mobile Legends

The secret is crowd control.

If there’s one hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that many players dislike going up against, it’s Fanny. The assassin hero was first released in 2016, and immediately sparked the interest of many due to her unique skill set.

She can quickly traverse around the battlefield with her second skill, Steel Cables, similar to the Survey Corps in the hit manga and anime series, Attack on Titans. An expert Fanny player is extremely difficult to take down, as she can seamlessly enter a team fight, get an easy kill, and quickly get away using only her Steel Cables.

Even pro players hate facing off against the Blade Dancer. She was the second most banned hero in MPL PH with 86 bans in 116 games. At MPL ID Season 10, she is the most banned hero with 98 bans in 122 games.

Fortunately, there are a few heroes who have the ability to stop her. Here are three of the best counters to the Blade Dancer in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Three heroes that counter Fanny in Mobile Legends


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There is a reason why Khufra is called the crowd control king in the game. All of his skills either displace or stun enemies, making him the perfect hero against nimble heroes. That is especially true against the Blade Dancer.

Khufra can stop Fanny from using her cables with his second skill, Bouncing Ball. All he has to do is activate the skill near her, and immediately go for Tyrant’s Rage or Tyrant’s Revenge to lock her in place. if the Blade Dancer miraculously escapes, Khufra can proc his passive, Spell Curse, to slow down her movement speed.

He lacks damage and killing power, so make sure to coordinate with either the gold laner or the jungler whenever you are setting up a team fight. Bouncing Ball’s duration only lasts a few seconds, and failure to secure a kill on Fanny will give her the opportunity to safely escape with Steel Cables.


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Akai is the perfect tank jungler to square off against Fanny. He has solid defensive stats and his ultimate, Heavy Spin, is the bane of every Fanny user in ranked games.

If timed correctly, Heavy Spin can stop the Blade Dancer from using her Steel Cables. It also has a long duration, making it easier for your teammates to follow up and secure the easy kill.

The only problem you’ll have in this matchup is that Akai’s ultimate is difficult to position. If up against Fanny, make sure to go for Ice Retribution for the movement speed debuff. It’s also recommended that you have at least one teammate with a single-target stun before going for the Akai pick.


Credit: Moonton

The two heroes mentioned above are great for setting up an easy kill on Fanny. Saber is the opposite of that. His ultimate, Triple Sweep, knocks a target airborne for 1.2 seconds. This can catch Fanny even if she’s midway through her Steel Cables.

Make sure to go for Blade of the Heptaseas as your first item to increase your burst damage. If you get a few kills in the early game, chances are you’ll have an easy time bursting Fanny even with only two damage items.

If you are behind, build one or two defensive items such as Antique Cuirass, Blade Armor, or Immortality. It’s important to end the game as early as possible, as Saber tends to fall off in the late game once everyone has their full item build.

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