The 3 best heroes to counter Cici in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s character Cici is a captivating presence in the game. She adds an interesting blend of crowd regulation, severe damage, and agility to the battlefield.

Her abilities are specially crafted to disrupt the enemy lines and create opportunities for her team to strike. Moreover, her constant damage and her remarkable agility make her a tough target to catch, giving her an advantage in chase and escape situations.

However, every hero has a weak point, and the Buoyant Performer, Cici is not an exception. The following are the best heroes that pose a threat to this energetic fighter.

Three best heroes to outplay Cici in Mobile Legends


Cici’s capabilities largely hinge on her Delight stacks, which enhance her movement speed and spell vamp, making her an agile and sustain-heavy fighter. But, despite her significant damage capacity and agility, her loomlng weakness is burst damage.

The Assassin hero Aamon takes full advantage of these weaknesses. The Duke of Shards can keep pace with the Buoyant Performer in terms of agility, and he can effortlessly wipe her out with a deadly combination of Slayer Shards, Soul Shards, and Endless Shards. Notably, his Endless Shards cannot be dodged when triggered, inflicting burst Magic Damage on Cici, even when she attempts to disengage.


If you’re playing as a support and up against Cici, Mathilda could be one of the best heroes to counter her.

Admittedly, the Buoyant Performer’s remarkable agility makes her a challenging opponent to defeat. But, the Swift Plume can throw her off her stride with a timely Circling Eagle. This can be used to disrupt and ambush her in between team battles, or surprise her in ganks.

While Mathilda might not be able to take down Cici single-handedly, activating Guiding Wind before launching your ultimate will allow you to take an ally, preferably a burst hero like Aamon, with you when you dive, thereby increasing your killing potential.


Despite her significant mobility disadvantage, Eudora can be a real threat to Cici. The Lightning Weaver excels in crowd control and burst damage, both of which are Cici’s vulnerabilities.

While Eudora might not be as nimble as Aamon, she is one of the effective burst damage heroes in the game. A combination of her Ball Lightning, Forked Lightning, and Thunder’s Wrath can deal a fatal blow to even the most durable heroes in the game or send them staggering back to their base.

When playing as Eudora, use the bush to surprise Cici. Close the gap using Flicker and promptly use your second skill, first skill, and ultimate.

For maximum efficiency, equip items that boost Magic Damage and Magic Penetration. Items such as Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, and Blood Wings will increase your burst potential, while Genius Wand and Divine Glaive will help in shredding through Cici’s Magic Defense items.

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