Tarik and other star VALORANT streamers to face off at VCT LOCK//IN

Two popular VALORANT streamers are set to go head-to-head at the first international event of the year. 

Although neither of the streamers will compete for a team, developer and tournament organizer Riot Games have put both Tarik and FRTTT against each other in a showmatch prior to the grand finals of the tournament on March 4. 

The showmatch will follow a best-of-one format, with Tarik and FRTTT set to formulate their own rosters with content creators and big personalities. Both rosters are yet to be announced.

Viewers of the match on the day of the final will receive a dad hat gun buddy drop for watching the game, too. 

The match will be featured live at the arena in São Paulo, Brazil. The tournament has been ongoing since Feb. 14 with all 30 partnered VALORANT teams and an additional two teams from China. 

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Tarik is known as arguably the most popular VALORANT streamer from North America while FRTTT has a loyal fan base in Brazil. Both streamers are under organizations competing at the tournament, too. Tarik was signed by Sentinels last August while FRTTT joined Team Liquid in May last year. 

Both streamers are known for their VALORANT content, with Tarik and FRTTT co-streaming the LOCK//IN tournament on their respective channels. 

The grand finals of VCT LOCK//IN is set to follow the showmatch on March 4 at around 11am CT. 

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