An Acquired Taste: Is Jack Catterall boring or brilliant, or both?

Jack Catterall and Jamie Moore

There is always a backhanded compliment when a boxer is praised for being “exciting” and “fan-friendly.” This usually means that the boxer is vulnerable and easy to hit, often involved in competitive fights that they don’t always win. However, it is also not beneficial for a boxer to win fights convincingly, as this can make … Read more

After announcing his retirement, Jorge Linares describes Jack Catterall as a “much better” fighter than Josh Taylor

THE now-retired Jorge Linares heaped praise on Jack Catterall after losing to the Chorley southpaw in Liverpool last night. Linares, 38, told Boxing News his 56th fight was to be his last. The Venezuelan lost for the fourth time in a row, which means his final victory is now recorded as a fourth-round knockout of … Read more

BN Verdict: Jack Catterall predictably outpoints Jorge Linares in a fight high on style and technique but lacking in every other area

In what was arguably the most stylish and visually pleasing main event of the year in a British ring, super-lightweight Jack Catterall defeated Jorge Linares tonight in Liverpool by a unanimous decision. The scores were 117-111 and 116-112 (twice). Their performance was impressive and calculated, showcasing technical skill and precision. Every move, feint, and probe … Read more

The Art Teacher: When Jorge Linares arrived in England to take the register and deliver his lesson

When Jorge Linares moved to London in 2017, it was reminiscent of Arsene Wenger’s arrival at Arsenal in 1996. Similar to Wenger, Linares was seen as an expert in his field, here to improve the skills of others. His presence was highly valued among British fight fans and boxers alike. Linares had already showcased his … Read more

Finish Me: Jorge Linares and boxing’s unhealthy obsession with old men and unhappy endings

SUCH is the nature of boxing, and the bloodlust of its fans, it is simply not enough to just lose a fight. Ideally, if that’s to be your fate, you should have the decency to do so spectacularly and decisively, perhaps ending the night not upright but instead horizontal, eyes closed, limbs stiff, roused only … Read more